Tuesday, June 18, 2013

RTT- Only in Texas

I don't often participate in the Random Thoughts Tuesday deal because I just don't seem to find the time. I don't really even blog as often as in the past but I've got a couple of things that I just can't leave only. So here goes...

From the annuals of "Only in Texas"
I was invited to an Executive Round Table breakfast this morning to speak. (Though I didn't speak all that much.) When I say Executive Round Table meeting think old white guys. Respectful, very nice but still old white businessmen. Anyway the start of the meeting is what was, to me anyway, strange. Sort of on the surreal side of strange. Sort of funny but not really funny ha ha. The opening of the meeting started like this;
  1. a prayer, (short, sweet and to the point. Bless our endeavors, our government as long as they do what WE think is best and our christian values. I'm sure you get the picture.)
  2. then came the Pledge of Allegiance to the U.S., (this seemed a little less heartfelt than the next number. This pledging came complete with U.S. small flag.)
  3. then the Pledge of Allegiance to the Texas flag, (yes, there is one. This also came complete with a small Texas flag. Of equal size of the federal flag, mind you.)
  4.  then the singing of God Bless America. (A rousing rendition I might say.)
At this point I think the other diners at IHOP were pretty freaked out. I was pretty freaked out. I didn't know what was going on so I kept trying to sit down between each section. After the first pledge I stayed standing, waiting for the others to sit just so I didn't make more protocol mistakes.

From the home front
Nessa went to the groomers on Sunday. This is not her favorite place to hang out but she bucked up. She got the whole spa treatment including the Top Dog Package. This package had her smelling like pina colada. 

She has a new little neighborhood girlfriend.  McKayla is 10 years old and a sweetheart. When she comes over Nessa becomes so excited that she runs circles around McKayla and the house. They play fetch, tug-the-toy and chase. This is the first young kid that Nessa has ever bonded with. Normally, she is afraid to children. 

JR was given free tickets to a baseball game tonight. You may have seen my posting on Facebook. These tickets are in the luxury suite. All the food and booze we can drink and all free! Well, free for him. The price for me is sitting through a baseball game without a book. He made me promise not to bring one. I tried to get him to take our friend Mark with him but he wanted me there. Strange man! He knows I'm an introvert who would rather stay home with a book and a glass of wine by myself.

That's it for me. Everyone have a great day.


Be groovy,


  1. One of the few things I *don't* miss about Texas is what you just described there. Ah, well - those old, white businessmen are being replaced by a new generation of old, not-necessarily-white-or-men business people...who dropped acid in the 70s.

    There's hope for us yet.

    1. I think I was the youngest one there. At least I was the youngest at heart.

  2. Sounds like a meeting that could take place in Georgia. Except at Hardees (we have no class in this state, I tell ya). Baseball games or a book? A book would win every time! And I actually like baseball.

    1. Hey Beth! Thanks for visiting.
      Hardees? You in GA are a classy bunch.

  3. That's why they have a Kindle app for the smart phone--I can read anywhere that way and a ball game would require reading--or heavy drinking.

  4. I forgot to comment after I read this earlier! I was laughing over your description of the old men meeting that I had to read it out loud to the hubby. ;)

    We're talking about taking the two dork dogs to the groomer to have them 'properly' groomed before we move - wonder if they'll smell like Pina Coladas too? ;)

    LOVE that Nessa adores the 10 year old neighbor and has fun with her - if Princess Nagger ever gets the chance to meet Nessa (you know, maybe in August!!), I bet she'll love her too! :)

    Hope you don't get too bored at the game tonight - since you'll be in a luxury suite, maybe you'll be able to have copious amounts of wine to dull the pain of not having a book. ;)

    Talking Dumpsters and Crap and Whacked Elbows in a Random Tuesday Thoughts Rebel kinda way.

  5. Hmmm, lessee, prayer, two flag pledges AND God Bless America and no whining, dammit. Yup, I could definitely hang out with these guys :-).