Tuesday, February 12, 2013

RTT - Something I haven't seemed to accomplished for awhile

To say I been lazy with the blogging would be an understatement but to give me some credit I did start the "We can afford that" blog. Let's see if I can pull something out of my hat for this week.

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JR's birthday was last week. I took him out for dinner. He ate a mountain of seafood. I had a side of asparagus and a baked potato. We were each very happy with our meal. JR is now considered in the Senior set which for us means DISCOUNTS! Almost everywhere. We have already signed up at our local Krogers for the 10% discount on store brands. This even includes their organic products. We save about $20 per month with this discount. Most of the other discounts are for restaurants that we never go to, hotels that we have gotten discounts for last 10 years and car rentals that we rarely rent. But, they are there when we need them. On his next birthday he will be entitled to the best discount (in our estimation) a National Park Golden Pass! There is nothing we like better than a National Park and at $10 for a lifetime membership we will be all over that. Sadly, DisneyWorld doesn't offer very good senior rates because that is our second favorite destination.

I co-authored a couple of chapters in a book last year. It is finally coming out in print. I should be getting my advanced copy in the mail in the next few days. I'll be sure to let ya'll know about it. Of course, I don't expect any of you to go out to buy it because it is written for anthropology ethnographers. 

I think I've eluded to the documentary film I was making with a public historian colleague, well as of today when we fix all the copyright problematic music (graduate students are a blessing and a curse) I will be posting it to the world. The university media relations and the alumni association want first crack at it but the PBS station will be getting that. In fact, I should call them now. As soon as it is available I'll post the link. It is only 27 minutes long and has received rave reviews. 

"One of the best researched, written and edited pieces that has come across my desk in a long time." Mr. Adams, KUHT program manager

"Well, it took me forever to get to watching it, but I LOVED it! It was thoroughly interesting and engaging, and you put it together very well! I loved all the music. Good job! I hope that a PBS station snatches it up!" Gretchen German, actress, writer and blogger extraordinaire.

My friend Carolyn and I have been going to almost weekly wine workshops at one of the local upscale supermarket. Last night was the only one I missed. And, of course, it was the one where they tasted $50+ dollar bottles of wine. I am not pleased.

That is about all I can come up with at the moment. What's doing in your life?



  1. I only wish my life were as exciting as yours. I have little going on in my life except work. *sigh*

    I can't wait to see the documentary.

  2. Same old, same old around here. Chase little boys, convince little boys not to kill each other, coax little boys to eat their dinner, look at Nick and try to figure out how we can spend time together without little boys around. Enjoy hugs from said little boys.
    Long for warm weather so we can get out of the house. Enjoy snow storms, because we need the snow.

  3. Happy (belated) Birthday to JR! Sounds like the perfect way to celebrate for both of you. ;) I think it's hysterical that you're all excited about his 'senior' discounts - I should bug my hubby to find out about those - he'll be 55 this April, I think some discounts start then, right? ;)

    Way to go on your co-authoring!

    I'm looking forward to watching your documentary! I'm a little jealous Gretchen got to see it already... ;)

    I'm also jealous of your weekly wine workshops - that sounds like fun! Hopefully they'll be doing tastings of $50 wine again in the future. :)

    Dissed by Nemo, Princess Nagger the Actress and Art Winner, Jack Frost is a Deer

  4. How exciting for you with your co-authoring! I think it's a very interesting subject but I'm a slacker with book reading lately.

  5. Happy Belated Birthday to JR!!! I didn't know that about Kroger!!


  6. So with you on the National Park love. My favorite memories ever are those vacations!

  7. Retired spousal unit celebrated his birthday the same day as JR, is that cosmic or WHAT??? We went out for pasties. I can see my old fart discount from my house, too. Yup, some of them do start trickling in at 55. Of which i will be in April also. Double COSMIC!!

  8. Sounds like JR had a nice birthday. I've never been to a wine tasting. It's something I'd like to try someday.