Friday, February 8, 2013

It is scary how excited I am about this

JR and I love to camp. We love nothing more than packing up and heading out to somewhere, doesn't matter where for a weekend or longer. 

Until 2004 we always had an RV. Which made getting out of town a simple thing. The RV was always packed. We kept camping clothes (grubbies and such that we didn't wear to work or around town), dry goods, camping chairs, a small BBQ, folding tables, and a bunch of other stuff already prepacked into the trailer. All we had to do was put in toiletries (though we kept some in the trailer) and  fresh food hitch up the trailer and we were off. 

In 2004 we sold our beloved trailer because we were moving to Indiana so I could go to graduate school.  I can safely say that we were more upset with selling the trailer than we were with selling our house.

Now, we dream of getting back into the camping habit. Maybe, I should rephrase that, we dream of getting back into the RVing habit. Camping implies sleeping on the ground and cooking over an open fire. We are just too dang old for that stuff. 

When we see something like this 

Houston RV Show
February 6th – 10th, 2013
Reliant Center
Houston, Texas

We get positively giddy. Pathetic, no? 

crappy image stolen from website


This weekend we'll be walking through RV after RV, critiquing each of them, weighing one feature against another, commenting about whether the space is big enough for Nessa and dreaming of the day that we can buy another RV.

What are you planning to do this weekend?




  1. I think it would be great to have a trailer or an RV standing at the ready for any impromptu or planned weekend camping getaways - and I'm sure my hubby would be won over for the whole camping experience if we had one vs. a tent. ;) Have fun this weekend - I'll be looking forward to seeing if you guys end up getting one...and ROAD TRIP! :)

  2. Okay, so if you're getting a big a$$ trailer that needs pulling, did you plan ahead and buy that big a$$ pick-up with the optional gun rack that i suggested??? :-)

  3. Not scary at all! I have an RV yet still find that going to the shows and seeing all the RVs is a favorite of mine. I love it and have had a trailer or RV since my first one. I "can" tent it but I prefer to be warm, comfy and in a bed that doesn't make me ache when I get up in the morning (not to mention any creepy crawlies, rain, snow, blah blah blah). Can't wait to see what you find!

  4. The RV has become a huge thing in Europe. Retirees with a pension from Belgium&Germany end up in Sicily, Sardinia or Seville for the winter. The ones over this side though are like a bus than a caravan though.
    They would have had this in their youth then went on the usual holiday to the beach or mountain with the advent of kids but have now got this beast

  5. J and I visited many gorgeous RV campgrounds while on the Alaska-Canada Hwy. I highly recommend it for a summer trip. I can already picture you, hubby, and darling Nessa wandering Banff Park and Jasper then hitting the AlCan Hwy for the wilds of Northern British Colombia and Yukon. The lakes and mountains are amazing. We saw wood bison, elk, caribou, and all manner of other creatures. Then you could route South and see me in Kenai!

  6. I loved having a camper around to head to the lake at the spur of the moment. Grab groceries and enjoy! We had a midsized RV that I could handle. The kids and I went on many camping trips.
    We get to live in the camper once again this summer. In a SD hay field out in the middle of absolutely nowhere. Oh joy!

    I seen the Auto Show is in Chicago and would love to go to it!!

  7. We absolutely love our pop-up. It has room for all of us and even room to hang out in if the weather doesn't cooperate. Have fun looking and dreaming.
    This weekend we are staying in and enjoying the fact that we don't have to go out in the snow we are supposed to be getting.

  8. You will have to get one and then go visit Kath!


  9. Looking for a fifth wheel? I dream of a pop up camper!