Tuesday, May 29, 2012

RTT - paintings, flowers, music and food.

The three day weekend went very quickly considering that I spent one full day of it in Phoenix. Doesn't that mean I get an extra day?

I've got more than a small bit of random today since I was away most of last week. When you're done go visit all the others that play along.


Stacy has been hosting it for awhile now. Click on the image to read more random posts.

While I don't miss the cholla (jumping cactus) I do miss some of the other cactus' in Arizona. This would be one. Isn't it cute? It's wearing a hat.  Maybe one of those crazy ones that the British women are wearing these days. Don't they have a name for them?

Though I have to say I came back to the magnolias blooming. Very little beats the smell of magnolias in bloom. They are sweet without being cloying like orange blossoms. And, the flowers are gorgeous! All creamy white against dark green leaves. Spectacular!


While in AZ I went into the local used know I had to, right?
I wasn't looking for anything particular and didn't really find anything. I did come across the shelves of cookbooks and these caught my eye. Not for the recipes in them but for the text on the spine.

 Yes, that does say; "The Way to a Man's Heart". 
I guess it is all about the era in which you are living because while JR loves my cooking I can't say that it had anything to do with winning his heart. I hadn't actually cooked for him before we got married. I think I had other attributes that won his heart.  

While in AZ I went to a very small family owned Mexican place for lunch. The margarita was good, the burrito was okay but the red salsa...
OMG! It was awesome. 
I wanted to bath in it (though now that I type that it sounds creepy). I could have drank it straight. It was that good.


Another place that I popped into while in lovely dry Arizona was a music store. I ogled the ukeleles on display. They had the coolest ones and if I had had extra money I would have picked up a new tenor uke. Alas, I was broke. I did pick up these.   

Ukelele song books! I'm all jazzed to tune up the uke and get playing now.

Interestingly enough they had a display case of old accordions. I immediately thought of JR. He probably doesn't want me to tell ya'll this but  he played the accordion as a child/youth. I keep wanting to get him another one. Wouldn't that be the start of an interesting Christmas on the uke and him on the accordion. Think of the sing-a-longs. Who's up for the holidays at our house? What instrument/talent can you add to the mix. I think I'm going to insist that Jan's husband bring his cocktail shaker and his mad cocktail creating talent.

I think that is about all I can come up with at this time. In fact, knowing me I've probably exhausted all my ideas for the rest of the week. 



  1. Hmm, ukelele and accordion sing alongs? We don't sing well, maybe the music could drown us out.

    1. Ukes and accordions are good for drowning out voices. I know this for a fact :-)

  2. We're up for it! Darling Daughter could bring her uke, too - and I'd decorate a cake for the occasion. I have been asked to make one this weekend - devil's food with mocha/chocolate frosting and aqua-colored gerber daisies. I will post photos after it's finished.

    I want that Settlement cookbook! I gave my old and tattered copy to Darling Daughter for Christmas a couple of years ago (I'd gotten it from my mother at about her age).

    1. I bet I could find you one of the cookbooks.

  3. Is it the Philip Treacy you are on about.

    1. Absolutely! Look at the one at about 1:13 minutes. It looks sort of like that cactus.

  4. We found some blooming magnolias at the resort we were staying at this weekend and all took our times smelling the lovely blossoms. Heavenly!

  5. Accordion and ukele sing-alongs? Yeah, yer gonna need a cosmo chaser (or three) with that :-)