Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Listing a few things that I'm thinking about

Who doesn't like a list?

1. Some bloggers are vowing (maybe too strong a word but it is 5:57 am) to blog everyday this month. I applaud them for doing this because it gives me more to read while I sit at my dining table and drink my morning coffee. I will not be participating. I could never keep up that level of commitment. I'm just way too lazy.

2. I haven't lost the 5 pounds I gained on vacation. I should work on this. I should work out. They say exercise helps. I say it is a shortcut to the grave. *sign* time to get out the hand weights.

3. I had a few friends over on Saturday night. I put out a spread of small noshy sorts of food. Salads, bread, hummus, olives You know noshy. I've been using the leftovers of JR's breakfasts. First up was eggs baked with the leftover grape tomato mozzarella and caper salad. Truly yummy. The Greek barley salad will be wonderful wrapped in a tortilla with scrambled eggs. JR will love it. Creative use of leftovers is my specialty.

4. I have just got to get painting. I've started but haven't gotten past the sketch onto the canvas part. This is not good. This weekend will be a paint until I drop weekend.
5. We took Doctor Boy (from now on known as DB. Not to be confused with DB Cooper. If you don't know who DB Cooper was/is I will cry because it verifies how truly old I am) out for dinner for his birthday. I had the fried pickle spears. Not good. Well, sort of good. The juice to breading ratio is off. The breading falls off. You must have that breading and pickle in the same bite. It is an imperative. My only recourse was to use a knife and fork. Fried pickles should never be a knife and fork type of food. And, don't even get me started with the whole double dipping thing.

6. Fried pickle chips (as opposed to spears) are some of the best bar food ever. Whoever came up with this idea is genius!!!

7. I burned my bottom lip on the fired pickles. Burned it bad enough to blister. I should sue. Or not. I could have shown some restraint. Maybe waited until they cooled a little but FRIED PICKLES!

8. The alumni association from my college finally caught up to me. Those people are insanely good at finding us. No matter where we move. Anyway, they want me to join. I've decided to write on the form that I tattooed the school logo on my hip (as a badge of honor don't ya know) so they should pay me.

9. This afternoon I teach my graduate course. We are walking down to the bar on campus. I can better teach preservation using beer as a metaphor.

10. I can just teach better with beer.

That's all for me. Have a great day everyone.



  1. I can totally see why fried pickle chips would work out better!

    Those 5 pounds will fall off when you least expect it!

    No NaBloPoMo for me either!

  2. Yeah, I won't committ to NaBloPoMo, either. That's a lot of stress for something that I do for fun.

    I wish I was better with the leftovers. Those sound like great breakfasts. PB ends up just eating whatever is left over, whether it's in an appropriate form or not.

    If I were hoping that your painting marathon involved hawaiian shirts, would I be far off?

  3. Hmmm...fried pickles. I have some excellent garlic dill slices I canned this summer, but they're a little on the soft side. Still, it might be worth a try.

    I may blog every day this month; I haven't decided. I blog 5 days a week already - do I want the stress of having to come up with something on the weekends? Probably not.

    I know who DB Cooper (supposedly) was. I'm ancient too.

  4. OMG, Fried Pickles! I'd eat that.

  5. I'm pretty sure everything is better with beer

  6. I know who DB Cooper is. And you KNOW how old I am. As for the 5 pounds you gained, can I take credit for one of them? :-) The rest is all Epcot's doing.

  7. I know who DB Cooper is. And you KNOW how old I am. As for the 5 pounds you gained, can I take credit for one of them? :-) The rest is all Epcot's doing.

  8. Fried pickles? Really... now I need to find some place that serves them.

  9. I've only ever had fried pickles in Tennessee I think. And yes, they were a brilliant finger food.

    Also, I love lists. Maybe I'll do the rest of my monthly posts in list form.

    I'm with you on exercise, I've been making somewhat of an effort lately and I've hated every minute of it.

  10. I have been wanting fried pickles since you mentioned them on Facebook. :(
    Haven't a clue who DB Cooper is. Will google.

  11. OOOOOOOH this is nice.

    Blogging for a month on a daily basis is a recipe for stopping entirely two months later. For heavens sake no one is making any money out of this. And thank God all those ludicrous great 21th century novelists of four years ago have done the decent thing and are now in some north-facing Hungarian attic room lit only by the dull glow of a Dell notebook. There are certain 'just because' things that shouldn't happen and this long month thing has the feel of the third child conceived three months after the birth of #2. If you both happen to get knocked up so soon it's a happy event and if you happen to publish each day for a month all to the good. But this smacks of building a rod for your own back.

    And I thought deep fried Mars bars was anathema. I get a craving for a pickle about six month after the 'use by date' of the current full but for one jar.