Friday, October 7, 2011

Lemme see...

Have I done everything for our vacation? Because you know that I am totally in charge of this sort of thing, right?

For years I've been the organizer. JR has completely abdicated this responsibility to me. Why?
I'm not sure but I suspect that it is because I'm bossy and he's easy going. It is a dynamic that has probably ensured that our marriage has lasted 28 years. We understand each other.
Our strengths and our weaknesses.
My crazy hippie artist hyper-kinetic self to his laid-back take-things-at-a-calm-pace beer drinking Irish self.
It's a freaking match made in heaven.
It's the ultimate in universal balance.
Good grief!
We wouldn't want to mess with it!

We have much the same likes and dislikes. We both love road trips. We both love sitting on the porch. We love to read. We both think that the other is hilarious. And, the chemistry. Wow! It's still there. So we have that going for us.

We have always claimed that we were much too lazy to argue and that we couldn't think of anyone that would put up with us, and that if anything happened to one of us the other would have a difficult time finding someone who would take the them and those two teenage boys, OMG! A nightmare! The boys are grown so that might open up possibilities but JR still doesn't push in his chair so if we were keeping score (and we're not because dang I'd come out badly on that one) he'd be down a point.

So here we are...still together. Planning another vacation. Okay planning is probably over stating things. We have planned to meet up with Casey, Jen and Sprite. Those are the only real plans we've made and in my opinion the only ones worth making. Everything else is up for grabs.

So here is what I've done so far...

  1. I've gone to the bank to get money. Cash seems to be important. 
  2. The car has a full tank of gas. So it will be Mississippi before we will need to fill up again. Which really isn't saying too much.
  3. I've got most of the things for the ice chest and picnic supplies ready. Some of it is sitting in the refrigerator. Other stuff is in the basket and I'll pack the rest in reusable grocery bags. We enjoy a game we call, "hotel camping". We stay at an expensive hotel but we eat out of our camping supplies. Yeah, it makes the resorts thrilled when the Dog's Life Hillbillies show up. They are just lucky we don't bring a pet pig.
  4. JR is doing the laundry tomorrow. I would do it but really...I DON'T DO LAUNDRY.
  5. Hotel reservations have been made...such as they are. Seriously folks. If I planned business trips with the same lack of attention that I have planned this vacation I'd be sleeping in a tent and eating beans out of a can every trip.
  6. Paid all the bills. Not, of course, that I wanted to pay ahead but you know vendors, they just don't understand. They get all crabby when you pay them late. Oh and that whole medical incident has cost me more than the insurance company but I'll post about that later, trust me. I have a spreadsheet. Yeah, I'm anal what of it?
A few more details to attend to then at 5am on Saturday morning we will be heading to Florida. Heading to Jen and Sprite and Casey. Monday needs to get here right NOW!



  1. Have a great trip! Give Jen and Casey a smooch for me!

  2. I too am a slightly bossy planner married to a laid back man. It works well.

    Enjoy your trip!

  3. I am the One who must do the reservations and the food buying and then He is the One who must pack the vehicle so very perfectly. At least he packs his one bag. My Mother in law tells me she was expected to pack her husband's bag.
    Have a great trip!

  4. Good luck and happy trails! Sounds like you have it all under control.

  5. Kim: just proves that there is balance in the universe, don't it?

    Michele R: JR pulled the old "will you pack my bag" trick. Then he ended up with a whole lot of socks and no shirts. He never asked again.

    MB: Under control may be overstating things but since this is vacation I'm not really worried about it.

  6. In our house I am the advance planner--Nick plans and packs at the last minute. And only then because I'm the one getting all antsy because he's not packed yet. It might be because he only packs for himself, I pack for everyone else, but Oh god I can't let him pack for the boys, they'd have nothing to wear.
    Have fun and can't wait to hear about your adventures!

  7. Have a safe and pleasant journey! And give smooches from me too. Or maybe they should give smooches to you? Well, smooches all around!

  8. Casey, Jen and Sprite? You're so lucky. Nobody ever comes to visit me. : (

  9. Yay for a fun trip. Thanks again for the fun time! Can't wait to hear your online spin on it....

  10. SO excited for you all. Can't wait to hear stories.

  11. HAVE FUN! Vacations are so important. We finally took a real one.


  12. Ah ! Trust you had a good time and how lucky to have someone that does the laundry ......!!

  13. I'm sure by now you're doing the opposite of gearing up for vacation. The de-vacationing. We haven't taken a real one in years, mostly because of all the preemptive laundering. Hardly seems worth the trouble. ;) Can't wait to hear your perspective. Sounds like good times were had.