Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Disney; where dreams come true

As most of you know Jen, Casey, Sprite, JR and I met up for the first time in Orlando last week. Here are Casey and Jen's impressions of that first meet up. I thought I'd throw my two cents in or in my case my three words...


JR and I rolled into our fancy dancy resort hotel that I booked cheap, as long as we sat through a 2 hour sales pitch which we didn't plan to buy (and didn't) but that is a story for later, when my phone plays it's little tune that says; you have a text message. I look to see who it is from suspecting that it is Casey since we determined with earlier texts that we would be getting in about the same time. I was right. 
The text went something like this:
my hotel is about a mile from yours. There is no one here. It is like Hotel California.
I text back something in the line of:
Come over to ours. We'll sit on the balcony. JR can be bought off with beer.
Next thing I know my phone starts singing "Good day sunshine" from the Beatles. Meaning that I have a call. 
It's Casey; what kind of beer does JR like?
Me: Anything except butt-wipe (aka Bud Lite).
Casey: I'm a light weight, that is all I drink. I'll get 2 six packs.
Me: okay, see you in a while.

About 3 minutes later Casey shows up and we proceed to eat junk food and drink. Much laughing was done. I half expected to get call from the manager because of the noise. Not that that would have stopped us or anything. We probably would have laughed and started telling misspent youth type stories about other violantions of rules. 

The stats from that evening,
JR: 4 beers and a bag of Fritos.
Casey: 6 light beers and I think she helped polish off the black bean chips but don't quote me.
Me: a totally obscene amount of wine (like a whole bottle) and an unknown amount of cashews.

Casey called a cab to get back to her hotel. I drunkenly lectured the cabbie (says Casey) and JR straighten up the balcony. At the time I didn't think that Casey was all that worried about her car but the next morning the texts started to arrive so it must have sunk in that she had just left her mom van (car seats and all) with internet strangers turned drinking buddies. Probably, not the most reliable people. 

We caravaned (Blogger I say it is a word so there) over to Epcot Center to meet up with Jen and Sprite. I was totally giddy and not in the least bit hungover (it had to be the cashews). 

And there Jen was! 
Buying tickets. 
I might have squealed a little. 
I know I skipped.
There was hugging.
FYI, Jen is the best hugger in the world. If you get a chance to meet up with her you will so want to get a hug. Though you may want to let her finish her transaction first. The guy in the ticket booth sort of had an odd look on his face by the time we were done.

So the five of us spent the day together. 

It was great fun.

Jen said that she could now mark this off on her blogging bucket list. Which meant a lot to me. I've never been on anyone's bucket list. 


Out of all the pictures I have this is the best one of Sprite. She still playing shy. Later in the day, after she got to know JR and I, she would bounce from one of us to the other. When we decided to go from Epcot to the Magic Kingdom Sprite held my hand while we walked up to the monorail. Feeling that little hand take mine in confidence was a pleasure that is too hard to describe and that I will hold to my heart for a long time. 

Ladies, I like to say that you made our vacation one that we will remember always. JR is already talking about coming to Florida soon but this time he just wants to spend time between your two cities. And for me? I'll start looking for as many work trips as I can that will take me your way. 

Your BFF (blogging friend forever)


  1. How much did I love that day? Let me count the ways:
    1. You
    2. JR
    3. Casey
    4. All of you in one spot

    If you ever come down to Fort Myers area, I have the perfect hotel for you. You'll love the art. The artist isn't local, but she's amazing. :-)

  2. Disney. Blogger meeting. AWESOME! Blog peeps are just badass. So glad you guys had a good time!

  3. Oh so very jealous. Looks like you all had a great time.

  4. You forgot the most important part of the trip, where JR and I ganged up on you about a certain subject. We will leave that to offline mockery.

    I had a blast, can't wait to do it again! Are you free this weekend?

  5. Sounds absolutely fantastic.

    One of these days.... one of these days....

  6. I wept a little while reading this. It wasn't from jealousy. Honestly.

    Okay, it was.

  7. Oh the poor man, the poor poor man.

  8. It's just a good thing green's my favorite color...I'm just sayin'.

    Oh, and for the record, you're on my bucket list, too - as are Jen and Casey. ;)

  9. Sigh. Jealous. So very, very jealous.