Friday, October 25, 2013

Spin Cycle - Hollywood Halloween Special

It is a well known fact around these parts that I'm a bit of an old house and cemetery nut. Here are a few of the posts where I mention cemeteries, here, here, and here, oh yeah and here, and lest we forget here. Oops, I forgot here

In fact, it is so well knows that when I was out in California last August Gretchen's first suggestion was to go to the Hollywood cemetery. I fell into her plans with ghoul glee.

This is a much fancier cemetery than I'm use to getting buried in. I'm pretty much use to wading through tall grass, climbing over fences and one I time I had to fend off a dog. You could say that I'm pretty much a  cemetery zombie aficionado.

The reason why this cemetery is so much better kept is probably due to who all is buried there. Hollywood leading ladies and gents. Plus a whole host of others. I bored to death fascinated Gretchen with my knowledge of why there were so many graves from around 1918-1919. 


I have to appreciate any cemetery that memorializes a dog. As a devotee of cemetery art I was impressed by Toto's stone.

Papa and Jr. Fairbanks
They have freaking swans! I'm lucky not to get bit by a snake at most of the cemeteries I frequent. Maybe I need to haunt visit a classier crowd of cemeteries. 

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Second Blooming

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  1. That would be a great cemetery to wander through. Do I get extra credit for knowing it was the influenza epidemic after The Great War that caused all those 1918/1919 tombstones?

  2. Did you add yourself to the linky on my site? It's a new thing. More work for you, but easier for me. Sorry. Won't take you a minute.

    Anyway, while you're there, you have to read my post - there are THREE of these places I MUST take you to the next time you're in town. The abandoned mental hospital is crying out for you! I kept wishing you were with me. If we go together, I'll be daring enough to actually try to break into the place@

  3. Oh, shoot, Vandy wrote my comment about the influenza epidemic first! My grandma's brother died as a baby during it. I have been known to haunt old cemeteries; we stopped at a great old one in the Smoky Mountains one summer.