Monday, June 24, 2013

My bucket list is not lofty

I have a very short bucket list. I'm not sure why. Maybe it is because I had a lot of interesting experiences when I was younger, maybe it is because I'm lazy, maybe I've lost my taste for death defying experiences or maybe it is because I have simple wants. Maybe it is all of the above. Whatever!

There are certain things that are NOT on my bucket list and never will be. They are as follows:

  1. Bungee jump.
  2. Skydive.
  3. Mountain climb, i.e. Everest, Mt Rainier, Mt. Shasta, anything over a gentle climb.
  4. Swim with sharks.
  5. Canoe down the Amazon or any other river that means I have to sleep where there are things that might want to kill me.
  6. Any other extreme sport where I might 
    1. lose my life, get real dirty, 
    2. be majorly or minorly (bite me Blogger, I'm using that word) uncomfortable, 
    3. don't have cell service or 
    4. be too far from emergency services. 
What you will find on my bucket list is:
  1. Teach in a foreign country.Preferably one that is not too remote.
  2. Travel through Europe...slowly. Like months maybe years. I envision myself sitting on a rustic patio in Tuscany drinking wine and eating cheese.
  3. Farm a small piece of land again. There is nothing better than eating veggies from your own garden, sitting on the porch watching the chicken hunt and peck in the yard while drinking a glass of wine and eating cheese.
  4. Learn to fly a plane. I hate commercial flying.
  5. Finish visiting every National Park and a good number of the National Monuments.
  6. Write a book(s) about cemetery art and/or Civil War Monuments.
  7. Do some sort of humanitarian work.
  8. Wind surf. i love white water rafting so I see this as an add on.
  9. Learn to sail. Ditto above.
 Have you got bucket list things that you WILL NOT DO! Have you got some that we would like to do someday?

Be groovy,


  1. Considering my idea of "roughing it" is a hotel without room service, my "non-bucket" list is eerily similar to yours. Especially the sky diving part - who in their right mind would willingly jump out of an operational airplane??

    My bucket list is also quite short. As in, there's one item on it at the moment: Be An Empty Nester.


  2. My non bucket list is pretty similar to yours too. Not so thrill seeking that I want to jump out of an airplane or off a tall structure. There are more earth bound ways to get a thrill. Like a beach with cabana boys and fruity drinks.