Friday, March 20, 2009

Along the less traveled road

One of the things I love is to drive along the back roads. Here in Indiana that means coming across some of my favorite things, Old houses, interesting building and old cemeteries. Here are this afternoon's wandering.

This is one of those cool old chrome and steel diners that you just don't see everywhere. I, of course, peeked in the windows. It still has the old milk shake machines. You know the ones, with the mixing wands and metal cups. OMG and the sweetest red vinyl booths and full length Formica counter.
I fell totally in love

My next favorite thing is old family cemeteries that sit along side the road. Strange, huh? Yeah, well that's me, strange.

More to come.


PS: I think the speech went well and I didn't even have to use my fall back plan of booze and xanax.


  1. I, too, love old cemeteries. Thank you for sharing! YEAH for doing a good job on the speach!


  2. I totally think you should get your hands on one of those old diners and open your own restaurant.

  3. Yeah you should open that diner!!!

    Glad your speech went well for ya! Have a great weekend looking through cemetaries!

  4. I posted a comment and twice Blogger ate it.

    To sum up: I like diners and graveyards too. Nice pics.


  5. I love the roads less traveled.

    There is so much more to see than gas stations and fast food chains.

  6. I'm a cemetary junkie too - love those old headstones. too bad the diner wasn't one that was open - how cool.

  7. My favorite is old buildings. I would love to just take a trip where I could stop anytime I want and snap photos. I'd have to take it without Coach though. Love the diner!

  8. Old graveyards are... well, I guess fun is the wrong word. Did you save the booze and Xanax for afterwards?

  9. Great pictures! I love old cemeteries too. And old, abandoned farm houses in the middle of nowhere that are all busted up.

  10. Michele -- That diner is a treasure! I think you need to investigate further. We could all go in together and turn it into a blogging center/historic landmark/working restaurant -- we could make millions! Or at least we'd have all the milkshakes we wanted.

  11. This is my first time here. . . and I love mediocrity too!!!!

    I do like diners, but I'm not a real fan of cemeteries yet.

  12. Good for you!
    I don't like cemetaries and I don't think I would be able to get close enough to take a picture of one. Just reading this post scared the crap out of me. Hold me.;)

  13. That diner looks too cool. Also, possibly the perfect set for one of those slasher flicks. Hmm.

    Thanks for stopping by Sweet Life the other day!

  14. If someone had told you five years ago that you'd be blogging your weekend trip, you would have called them crazy! Thanks for the cool shots, the diner looks straight out of a movie and the cemetery is creepy, even though it's daylight.