Tuesday, October 2, 2012

RTT-Apron, tights, rubber gloves

In the spirit of being a better blogger I've joined Random Tuesday Thoughts. Mostly, because I couldn't come up with a whole post and partly because I've been RTT negligent. Let's see if I can figure out the whole add a picture and HTML thingy on the new Blogger platform.


Hey, what-do-you-know! I did it. This should bode well for the rest of the post.

As many of you know it was my birthday last week (thank you for all the birthday greetings on Facebook). My mother is an odd gift giver. On my *ahem* 50th she gave me a pink thong. This year I got these 

Yes, that is an apron, a fancy pair of rubber gloves and tights. JR took one look at this ensemble and said: "I like the way your mother thinks". My mother has a wicked sense of humor. I've been really kind for her birthdays (well, with the exception of cards but they don't count) but the rubber gloves are coming off.

Because of the upcoming move we've been eating down the pantry and freezer. I have to say that we haven't been lacking in variety or taste while doing this. I've been more creative than usual. Here are just a few of my recent concoctions.

A frozen bag of green peas became green pea pesto. Combined with some Chevre goat cheese and rolled up in grilled zucchini, awesome.

A bag of frozen broccoli, some scratch cheese sauce became a baked cheesy broccoli that JR didn't need his tradition mayonnaise for (the man puts mayonnaise on broccoli. I've never figured out the appeal.).

Leftover breaded and grilled eggplant became Eggplant Parmesan Benedict with tomatoes and leftover Hollandaise. Yum.

I'm sure there are other things I've made but those are the ones that stick out.

Dr. Boy has been acing his tests since he started med school but the real test is this week when he has mid-terms and his third anatomy lecture and practical tests. Can I ask that everyone send good vibes his way this week?

That's about it. I have a day filled with meetings which is not my preferred way to spend the day but oh well. I hope y'all have a great day.



  1. Those dishes sounds yummy. I'd have a hard time selling them here to the carnivores I'm raising, but they sound good.

  2. I hope your son does well this week! So far so good though means he probably will!

    LOL to the birthday gift!

  3. I know anatomy. Eyes, nose, ears, limbs, genitalia. Yep. It's all covered. WITH CLOTHES. ;-)

  4. The gifts your mom sent you cracked me up! She must be such a card - and you take after her, don't you? ;)

    Ohhhhh those concoctions sound absolutely delicious!! When we get ready to move next year, I'm going to hit you up for suggestions on eating down our fridge and freezers.

    Definitely will be sending good vibes and crossing my fingers and toes for your Doctor Boy to ace his midterms. :)

    Crazy Christmas in September, Maytag and Oster Rock, and a Pessimistic Princess Nagger

  5. You lot have some odd way of training baby doc's for the trade so I cannot really compute where he is versus the system here. But best of wishes to the chap anyways.

    Didn't ye move this time last year or am I mistaken. Is Tenancy Law quite thin over with you. Is tenure complete without an automatic option to renew. Still, you can keep things fresh. And on that thought, and to follow your mom,;-), think of all the ships that will need launching.

    1. The Boy has two years of class work, then two years of rotations (internship) and then 3 or 4 years of residency. He is in his first semester of year one.

      We moved in June of last year. We will have been at this place for 16 months. We would have loved to stay but the owners are tearing it down. Keeping things fresh...that's one way of looking at it.

  6. I WONDERED why the move...I thought maybe to the east coast or.... but after reading your reply I understand.

    Give Nessa a hug for me!


  7. Those rubber gloves could indeed be useful in your house. :) The pair will protect your skin from being damaged by hot water when you’re doing kitchen chores. Or it can also prevent you from getting scrapes or from being infected by harmful fluids. In short, it will protect your hands while doing all the work you’d need to do in your house.

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  8. Wonderful gifts! Happy belated birthday wishes!

    Happy moving!! And good vibes for the Dr. Boy!!

    We are contemplating moving to the big city. When I think about packing up this bulging-at-the-seams-house(been here 17 yrs!!!) I about break out in hives!