Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Be prepared!

I'm not a big Boy Scout fan (It's that whole gay thing. Except for Gretchen's son, I'm all in for him) but this is one motto I can get behind. 
I'll tell you.

A few years ago Dr. Boy was diagnosed with a very rare birth defect. We didn't know about it until he had his first seizure around the age of 25. The seizures were mild and all of us took a rather cavalier attitude about them. He was on medication to control them and hadn't had one in many months so we thought that was that. As a precaution he invested in an alert bracelet. 

And, it was a good thing that he did because the day after mid-terms he suffered one of the worse seizures that he has ever had. If not for the quick thinking of his wonderful roommate our lovely smart generous boy might not have made it. I still have nightmares. His roommate didn't know how to get in contact with me but because of Dr. Boy's investment in a medical alert bracelet the Emergency Room nurse was able to contact me.This allowed us to relay valuable information about his condition and to direct his care.

After a sleepless night and many miles in the air I was able to get to my son. I was able to contact our older boy and his wife who live 4 hours away so they could get to the hospital in my stead. Dr. Boy was under so much sedation that he couldn't make decisions for himself. Someone had to be there, if only to sit by his bedside. 

The point of my post is that if you run, walk, bike, swim, etc by yourself you really have to have some sort of emergency contact information on you at all times. If you have a medical condition or allergy you really must have that information with you at all times. You never know what is going to befall you and it makes the emergency room nurses and doctors job in delivering your care and contacting your family and knowing who you are so much easier if you are wearing an alert bracelet, shoe tag or necklace.You don't have to have a medical condition to wear one!

This is the company that Dr. Boy got his and where I just bought one for JR (for his bee sting allergy). There are many other places to buy them on the web. If you need help in determining what to write just google. "what to write on an alert bracelet". You'd be surprised at how many hits you will get...or maybe not. I added "bee sting" to my search string to get exactly what I wanted.

Here is a coupon for a dollar off (who doesn't like a coupon!)
I'm thinking of getting one for myself, just in case. 

Do your loved ones a favor. Save their sanity. Buy a bracelet!




  1. OMG - I'd wondered what you were alluding to! I'm SO SO glad Dr. Boy is all right. How awful for not only him, but you as well.

  2. You know I'm down with the bracelet. Nice coupon, where'd ya find that? ;)

    Glad the kid is doing better, it was rough going for awhile there.

    1. They sent it to me by email but thanks for letting me use yours.

  3. I felt a bit panicky just reading this post. A mother's worst nightmare for sure. So glad your son was able to get the help he needed and hoping he will be feeling 100% better very soon.

    (HB has his blood type written in black, bold letters on the side of his motorcycle helmet, but I worry that's not going to do him much good if he has a crash way out in the mountains where no one comes by for another 3 days! I insist he tells me his route for these long, solitary rides but then that doesn't help either when he comes home and informs me one trail was closed so he just took a different one!!)

  4. I'm SO glad Dr. Boy ended up being OK - and what a great idea for the bracelet. We don't have allergies in our family, but even just emergency contact info is a smart idea!

  5. Oh my gosh, I can't even imagine what you've been feeling and how you've been worrying. I'm SO glad he had that bracelet on and that his roommate was on top of things. You're right. This is a safeguard to important not to have.

    Hugs, Michele!

  6. Is this thing doing something more than the old SOS bracelet or necklace. Like is there a SIM connecting to the WWW.

  7. Goodness, Michele! I am hoping he is doing better by the time you get this comment! HUGS!!!!! What a terrifying thing! Are you still there?


  8. Oh, my. I'm so glad he's okay...and was 'boy scout' enough to take the precaution.