Thursday, July 12, 2012

Images of children

I find images of children fascinating. Unlike stiff posed adults, children just seem to go with the flow. Even poised photos like these taken over 100 years ago or so show the children's zest for life.

There is nothing like giving a baby a gun and a flag to bring on a smile.

Maybe it's just the gun.

Nope, guns must not be what brings on the smiles.

I think we can safely say it wasn't the hat.

Have a wonderful day today.

P.S. These photos are part of a large collection of old photos from our digital library.


  1. You are right about eliciting a smile! For me, it's the expressions on their little faces. Uninhibited, unlike adults!

  2. Nothing like perching a baby on a wall to take a shot either. And the brightest thing they saw that day was the reflection of the sun on the lense. All got-up like that they were free from any chance of tan. But the first one is the only one that looks stilted. The others could have been taken yesterday from Grans dress-up box.

  3. Old photos always fascinate me. Especially the ones of children. There are a lot of very interesting old photos out there--they really had fun with the medium in some instances.

  4. I'm not sure the first kid is smiling. I don't blame him...he's in a dress.

  5. I love old photos - and especially the ones of kids since they're so quick to smile for the camera, and like Barbara pointed out, uninhibited like us stiff adults. ;)

  6. Those are really precious, and yes, children do have a much more unforced quality to them. Maybe they haven't yet developed that hatred most of us have about seeing our own photos.

  7. That HAT!!!! Goodness, I'm surprised she could even hold it up!