Monday, July 9, 2012

So I'm a little obsessive

Dr. Boy left for school on Friday morning.
Did he wait to give his mom a hug? NO!
Did he give me the opportunity to weep a little? NO!
I just came home from work to an empty house. You would think that he would have a little consideration for his mother. I mean, I did go through 12 hours of labor, without any drugs mind you, to bring him into this world. Would a hug and tearful goodbye have killed him?

Not because of this lack of consideration, okay maybe a little. By Saturday morning I was in his room cleaning up the debris, moving the things that I'll be driving up to Oregon into the closet, and cleaning, and cleaning and cleaning.

 The sink area minus the shaving/teeth brushing/face washing gunk.

 Toilet and tub minus...well, you know.

It looks a little bare right now but I have things that I will be moving in soon. 
As soon as we get back from vacation/moving Dr. Boy's stuff.

If you now want to come visit I'm all ready. No more sleeping on an air mattress in the studio. Unless, you'd like to but I don't suggest it. 



  1. Oh, it's just sad to me! I can't help it.

    1. Don't be sad. I'm just applying a little guilt. You know...for when I might need it.

  2. It looks so final when you see the empty space. Right now I can't see that far ahead, but then my boys are still little. One day...

  3. So, are you an official empty nester? I thought I'd have a party when that dame came, but now I'm trying to convince The Young One to live at home for the first two years of college. Go figure.

  4. This is out of my wheelhouse. I don't know what to say. The overall feel is bittersweet and I'm a fella so don't really get any of that stuff.

  5. Aw geez! Men! Especially those that ditch their moms because they don't want the weepy hugs when they're heading off to become a doctor man. ;) Now you have the option of embarrassing him when you deliver the rest of his stuff to Oregon. I'm just sayin'. ;)

    Add me to your future guest list, please! :)

  6. I'd kill him. Really. He should have at least let you hug him and stood there waving until he was out of sight. It's nice to know, though, that I have a place to stay whenever I'm in Houston.

  7. Didnt you torture him the night before with your tears?? I would have!!

    Looks as if I will be in WY evening of July 27- morning of July 30. Will you be stopping by for a quick visit or a stay?? Guys will be there all week.

    Watch for an email.

  8. Some day he will understand...I hope! Until then you get to remind him off and on.


  9. Your newly 'spare' bedroom/bathroom looks very peaceful and inviting. HB is heading your way next week - I'll tell him to pop in for a night!

    I never thought I would be sad when my children left home, but as the time draws near when Possum may decide to leave us and go away to Uni I am starting to understand.