Monday, July 11, 2011

And the Winner is???

Last week I offered up a cookbook to all of you in North America (sorry Vince. I can't even comprehend how much it would cost to send something to Ireland. Last time I sent a Christmas card with some photos in it to JR's cousin in 1993 it cost somewhere around $5 dollars. And to tell you the honest truth I'd rather save my coins to send myself to Ireland first. Really? Wouldn't you rather have me show up on your doorstep than some silly old book from New Orleans? Don't answer that!)

Speaking of places I'd like to go to right this very minute (because our weather is a steamy 95 degrees and we are praying for rain just to cool us down to 89 degrees because that would seem cool. And, the humidity is so nasty sticky these days showering more than once a day is a necessity and yet a total waste since once you step outside you need another shower. Oh the South in the summer *sigh*. I need to stop complaining about traveling so much. At the least it gets me out of the Houston weather.), all tangents aside, our winner lives in one of those places.

The winner is:


If you haven't read Pseudo before please spend sometime reading her stuff. She is wonderful. Also, she shares her beautiful island with us in her photography. 

Congratulations Pseudo!!!

Pseudo; please send me an address to send your book to you.

I'll have another book giveaway later this week. It is a children's book this time.

Now, I'm off to take another shower and day dream of someplace warm but not humid. Where would you like to be right now if money and time were not a problem?



  1. Where would I be if time and money were not a problem? Somewhere VERY close to Pseudo and her new cookbook.


  2. You could've wrapped yourself and whacked a couple of 'Por Avion' stamps strategically and gotten to me for less money than had you posted that book in this direction.
    It's the one thing that drives us nuts this side of the Atlantic with the likes of Amazon. We see good deals only to have the scuppered by the postage. Actually it makes things more costly than if bought on the high street.

  3. I love New Orleans food. I love New Orleans music. And I love New Orleans. Even though I've never actually been there. ;-)