Tuesday, July 12, 2011

RTT - Stuff

It has been forever since I joined in with the gang in a Random Tuesday Thoughts. I'm not exactly sure why. Maybe my thoughts are not all that random or maybe I'm just lazy. I'm thinking it's more the later then the former. Anyway, Stacy has seamlessly picked up where Keely left off, which was wonderful of her since these things can be a bit of a pain to manage. I guess. I wouldn't know since I've never tried it but it looks like it would so that's what I'm basing my opinion on because I'm too lazy to research it. 

JR's cat who is happy to invite all the neighborhood mice into the house for a nice long visit has taken exception to a twist-tie that was laying on the floor from the move. He is batting that thing all over the house like it was evil incarnate. This says two things about our household right now. 1. our cat is lazy and stupid. Mice seem to be too much work for him and twist-ties are the limits of his cognitive abilities. And 2. I need a housekeeper because I am obviously just too lazy to pick up twist-ties from the floor.

Gretchen has become my go-to source for great Netflix TV shows. First, it was Sherlock (a BBC thing about a modern day Sherlock Holmes. I am totally in 50 year old lust love with Benedict Cumberbatch. The BBC has confirmed that they will release 3 more episodes this fall, one of which will be a remake on The Hounds of Baskerville. I cannot wait! No! Seriously, I CAN NOT WAIT!) and now Luther (a strange psychological crime drama. JR and I are not as into it yet but we've only watched the first episode. We'll need to give it some more time before we decide whether we'll watch all the episodes.) So Gretchen, if you have anymore Netflix shows you particularly like I'd love to hear what they are because so far you are batting a thousand.  

Now, that we have added some new counterspace to the new kitchen we've been able to unearth our beloved programmable coffeemaker. Waking up to already made coffee has saved me at least ten minutes in my morning routine. 10 minutes people! That is big. It's like winning the sleep-in lottery. If there was such a thing and if JR didn't have to go to work so early and if I wasn't such a great wife by making him breakfast every morning. Which I remind him of everyday lest he forget.

I have a television interview scheduled for tomorrow and I've started a new painting. These two things don't seem to have any connection unless you know how messy I am when I paint. At the present time, I have brilliant blue series 1 oil paint embedded in my cuticles that would take some major scrubbing to get out. My solution? A skirt with pockets. See lazy statement above for why this solution appeals to me. 

That's it for me. There are several others who play this random thing that may even make sense and who do not have brilliant blue series 1 oil paint embedded in their cuticles. Go visit them when you have time. 



  1. My cats have a knacks for finding stuff like twist ties or dust bunnies that will entertain them for hours. I should pick them off the floor but I guess I'm too lazy too. Besides...the cats are happy. :P

  2. Everyone tells me I should watch Sherlock but I just haven't gotten to it. Some day. Happy RTT!

  3. Kristine: this cat is really too stupid to know that he might not be happy. We call him our village idiot.

    Allstarme: Love, Love, Love Sherlock. You must watch it.

  4. My random has also been lacking lately - I blame Twitter and Facebook; all of my random seems to go there these days (gawd only knows what will happen when I join Google+).

    I have a programmable coffee maker, too - he's called the technology officer for our company, who is always at work before anyone else and always has coffee made. Bless his geeky little heart.

  5. PB has a programmable coffee maker, too. Me. I got tired of something that should take 2 minutes taking 10 under his sleepy powers, so I started making it. Sigh, I'm a control freak, I know.

    You don't think blue under your nails would make you more appealing? Mysterious?

  6. My cat chews plastic. I can't figure out if she just likes plastic, or it an attention thing. I suspect it's a bit of both.
    I love the programmable coffee pot we have--so does Nick. He likes the coffee part, I like the programmable part, since I make most of the coffee.

  7. I hope the pocket solution works for you, but if the blue came up in the interview, it could lead to a fun discussion about your painting. No?

  8. I love the BBC. And my hands and arms are matt grey from spray painting the frame of my gazebo yesterday.

  9. I love NetFlix instant stream. I'm gonna check those shows out.

  10. I did not realize RTT was back up and running. Nicely done.

  11. My cat Mo is...uh...special as well. Thinks he's a dog in fact. I call him "puppycat."

  12. OMG your cat looks (and sounds) like our former cat, Norman - to the 'T', including inviting mice in for a long visit, but going bat-shit crazy over a twist tie. :)

    How'd your interview go? Real people wanna know... :)

    Thanks so much for joining the rebellion - what a pleasant surprise seeing you! :)

  13. I love that we're calling it a rebellion. Poor Keely. I want to pet the kitty!

  14. I haven't gone random in awhile either but for awhile it was all I could muster.

    Glad the kitchen is coming along, ten minutes is HUGE. I get that (but I don't get ten minutes).

    Can't wait to see the youtube video of the weird librarian who won't take her hands out of her pockets.