Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Book Giveaway!

While at the American Library Association Annual Meeting I attended a couple of the cookbook demonstrations. These events are held in the exhibit hall, on a stage with the author in attendance to sign books. There were times in between meetings and presentations that I found myself in the exhibit hall and as you know I can't refuse a cookbook. 

Most of the books are free but this one cost me $10. I was more than willing to pay the price because all the proceeds are going to New Orleans Habitat for Humanity - Katrina relief. I picked up this cookbook for the expressed purpose of giving it away to one of you.

"A collection of the best dishes in all of New Orleans cuisine, from the point of view of the city's most experienced observer of its restaurants and cooking trends. Tom Fitzmorris has written and broadcast for almost four decades about his obsessive quest for the best food in his cherished home town. The first edition, published right after Hurricane Katrina, has now been updated with 25 new recipes, plus Tom's latest tweaks on the older ones. Every one has been tested in Tom's own home kitchen, as well as by his thousands of readers and listeners. Who are forever telling him how much they've enjoyed Tom's take on New Orleans food."

I'm copying the Ragout of Mushrooms with Grits recipe on page 261. I'll skip the grits since I don't really like them. Just like I don't like polenta. You know they are virtually the same thing, right?  I'll serve this over cheese toast instead because cheese, bread and mushrooms in sauce are like best friends. It will be almost like one of the dinners I had while in NOLA. It was the best food I had in NOLA. I sort of embarrassed myself by scooping up the sauce with my finger. Hey! There wasn't a spoon on the table. I licked my fingers on the sly. I don't think anyone noticed...too much.

If you want this book just leave a comment saying that you want to cook all those recipes that you've heard that New Orleans restaurants are famous for. Never been to New Orleans? No problem, still leave a comment and I'll add you to the hat. 

I'm going to have to limit this giveaway to those that live in North America. Sorry about that but the shipping can be expensive outside of the United States and Canada. From what I hear the Canadian postal workers are on strike so those of you from Canada may be waiting for awhile if you win. 

I'll be drawing a name on Sunday and announce the winner on Monday, July 11th. 

Please leave only one comment per day. If you post it on facebook or tweet the giveaway let me know. I'll add another slip to the hat with your name on it. 
Good Luck!



  1. Throw me in that hat. PB loves to talk about all the food he ate while he was visiting New Orleans. And it's one of the many cuisines that I have no idea how to cook. This would be fun!

    ps- if the sauce is wonderful and there is no spoon? Why, that's what god gave you fingers for!

  2. Please throw my name in the hat. New Orleans is on our travel list. Someday....
    Can you please come to WY and design the cabinets for Daryl to build???

  3. I'll throw my name in the hat. Nick loved the food he had when he was there and I like making jambalaya and gumbo. I love to give some of the other flavors of New Orleans a try.

  4. My niece was at that conference ; -)

    Happy cooking and good luck to us all!

  5. Ohhhh.

    Do want.


  6. Me too, 'cause i gotta avocado green pressure cooker AND i know how to use it.

  7. I am bowing out of the contest (since my kids can't eat anything with actual taste plus I don't know how to cook) but I would love to come over and have YOU cook me some New Orleans food. M'kay? Damn.

  8. I love New Orleans food! Throw my name in the hat!