Tuesday, June 21, 2011


So the presentation went well. I think. People told me it did. I'm not sure I believe them. Okay, I'll take their word for it. I'm pretty happy it's over. One more presentation on Saturday then I don't have another one for quite sometime. So all my insecurities can be lulled into a sense of well-being only to be dashed against the shores in September.

Here are a few of the photos that I took while in Ottawa. Can I just say that I love my phone. I didn't take my camera. All these photos were taken with my phone. It did a pretty darn good job.

 This is the canal. In the winter it freezes over and then people skate on it. I don't understand why. Ice skating sounds cold. I'm not real fond of the cold. It has a very pretty park that runs along both sides. It was in this park (right side of this picture) that my eyes and sensibilities were assaulted by the sight of a very large old white man in a Speedo. I'm not sure I'll ever be the same.

 This street artist and I sent quite awhile talking about art. I bought one of his originals and one of his prints. I can't wait to hang them in the new place. Isn't he cute as a button?

 They (the compassionate Canadians) pick up stray cats. They get well taken care of in these nice little houses. These cat houses (teehee) sit right next to the parliament building. I think its ironic that they put a cat house (teehee) next to the country's capital building.

 Isn't this pretty? It's the Gadadafsifenf river. Sorry, I can't remember the name. It starts with a "G" and it empties into the St. Lawrence River. Have any of you seen the St. Lawrence? I drove across the St. Lawrence on my way to Montreal once. It is beautiful. It was in the Thousand Islands area. There wasn't any pickles or ketchup in sight.

 I found this gift shop on Sparks street. All the merchandise was made by local artists. I'm pretty proud of the fact that I did my part in supporting the local economy. I increased my earring collection. It (the earring collection) has become rather profane. 

 I thought this was a church at first. Turns out it is one of the parliament buildings. I didn't get a really good picture of the actual parliament building because they were erecting this big stage in front of the building. They were preparing for a party on June 30th and Will & Kate were coming to visit. Everyone was all atwitter.  

 This was the side of the agriculture building. I just had to take a picture. What do these look like to you? Sometimes, my 12 year old boy gets the better of me.

There was a quick trip through Ottawa. I'll share some photos of the goodies I brought back. Then it is off to New Orleans to party with a zillion librarians. 



  1. If we can believe wiki it's the Kichissippi river.

  2. Vince: It's the strangest thing. After I looked it up I remembered that some of the locals call it the Ottawa river and some call it the Gatineau.

  3. That trip looks amazing!!! I think it is time for me to take a vacation! I am getting vacation envy!

    Party on in New Orleans! I remember being there...sort of. :)

  4. Jess: I think a lot of people "sort of" remember being in New Orleans. It's that kind of place.

  5. If your photos are anything to go by, Ottawa is a very pretty place. But I'm disappointed there's no pic of the guy in the Speedo.

  6. Jan: I may never recover from that site.

  7. Sorry about the stage messing up your photos, we like to roll out the red carpet for the Royals since they're still technically our heads of state.

  8. The thought of a zillion librarians partying in New Orleans makes me hot.

    - Jay

  9. I have no idea what those two spheres in the last picture look like, but the word "bulge" comes to mind...

  10. I knew you'd do just fine in your presentation! I especially love the shot of the river. Gorgeous!

  11. I know my eyes would be permanently scarred from the sight of a large white guy is a speedo. Outside of competition swimming, speedos should be illegal.
    Have fun in New Orleans--Nick did when he was there.

  12. I can see why you love your phone camera - AH-Mazing shots! Glad your presentation went well, though I secretly knew you'd hit it out of the park. ;)

  13. Lovely city. My phone either takes awesome pics or pure crud. Not sure whats up with that. Or maybe its the person behind the phone??
    Have fun in New Orleans.

  14. Your phone does take some great pics, mine too! Wait, we're both Droid owners, right?

    I've never been to Ottowa but it looks beautiful there, except for the speedos.