Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hey Buddy, ya got an extra 100 for souvenirs?

Have I confessed my love of buying souvenirs? 
Uh Yeah, well, I have one. 
Every trip I go on I bring home a little something for my family and my staff.

Let's see, when I was at the Library of Congress I brought home T-shirts for the boys, ink pens for my FTE staff and pencils for the student workers.

The Raleigh trip I brought home T-shirts for the boys and little tiny baseball bat keyrings for my staff. 

The list goes on.

Here is some of the loot that I brought home from Ottawa. 

I brought home lots of maple syrup. The little 3 pack I gave to my staff. The big maple leaf shaped one is for the family. Maybe pancakes for dinner tonight? JR and Candace are big sweet eaters so the maple candy is just for them. JR is a big salmon fan. So the pate is for him. 

I added some things to our various collections. Remember the artist I flirted with chatted it up with? The two big pieces are his. The skaters on the canal is an original watercolour, the other is a limited print. Good thing the new place has a lot of wall space.

I collect postcards. I justify my postcard collection by saying that it takes up very little space and I'm honoring a tradition that JR's grandparents started in the early 1900s. That's my story anyway. 

The blue native looking thing is a ceramic tile. JR and I collect these together. We have tiles from all over the United States so it is fun to pick up something from outside of the U.S. I think this makes about 15 or so.

The pin and the earrings are for me. I have what some would call an unhealthy attraction to earrings. I'm not even sure how many pairs I have. 

Not shown is the beaver dressed like a Mounty. I could resist. Sher said I had to get at least one beaver dressed like a Mounty and I did. 

I'm leaving for New Orleans tomorrow morning. Who knows what I'll pick up there.



  1. Beads, you gotta get you some beads and a voodoo doll or two. Nick came home with beads and a pair of stuffed alligators for Turbo--long story.
    We collect magnets--for the refrigerator--it's getting pretty scenic on our fridge.

  2. In New Orleans?
    If you pick up Harry Connick Jr, could you pick up one for me too?

  3. What Sprite's Keeper said. :-D

    Get a voodoo doll. We brought one back for The Young One when we went and it's on display - quite prominently, I might add - in his room. His friends think it's cool.

  4. I am so happy I benefit directly from this obsession!

  5. I cannot even think of a gewgaw or knickknack that would be Canadian. Well, I suppose a totem-pole.
    That tile reminds me of this

  6. Oh yea... voo doo dolls, beads, alligators, and shot glasses. I'm sure they have plenty of shot glasses.

  7. Souvenirs do rock, I don't blame you for buying them everywhere. I usually try to but with the kids grabbing everything by the register, I usually ditch it and go.

    Mmmm, maple sugar candy. One of the few things my kids can eat!

  8. My daughter brought me back that exact maple syrup when she worked as a nanny on a trip to Whistler at Christmas. She knows I love edible souvenirs.

  9. I love the syrup that looks like a leaf - perfect souvenir.

    I am also an earring girl - I love them and wear a different pair every day.

    I also have a weakness for stretched pennies.

    Have a great Monday.

  10. There's nothing quite like a good Canadian syrup hangin' round in your house! You can use it in a few days to celebrate Canada Day on July 1st!