Friday, May 6, 2011

The 7th post posted on the 7th day in February - maybe I should have waited until tomorrow

I was going through my archives (you mean you don't archive your posts? Do not get me started on the possible loss of historical records because you are not backing up your posts. I tend to get a little cranky about that subject.) and I found this post. I thought it was adorable and thought to share it with all of you. Since, I had all of about 3 readers and they were family I'm pretty sure none of you have seen it. Unless, of course, you've gone through my archives in-which it is perfectly understandable for you to move along.

Dated February 7, 2008 it was the 7th of my 715 posts. I guess I should have waited until it was my 777th posts just to keep the record straight but this is close enough for me.

An innocent victim of a vicious attack was found dead under my dinning room table today. The dinning room chair pad had taken a non-life threatening fall from one of the chairs. While happily residing under the dinning room table, the chair pad was assaulted by a ferocious puppy. The suspect in the crime was apprehended almost immediately and found with incriminating evidence hanging from her mouth.


The trails of chair stuffing lead the investigator to the scene of the gruesome crime. Nessa, the suspect, is being held without bail pending further investigation. Investigators do not believe that her partner was involved in the attack and has been released on his own recognizance. The victim’s name is being withheld until its family can be notified.

What was your 7th post?



  1. Funny! And I love the look on the Corgi's face in he background.

    My 7th post, which I just went back a re-read, was a funny one too.

  2. I love the look of who me? Total innocence there even with the incriminating evidence in plain sight.
    How do you archive old posts? I'm tech ignorant and would like to know.

  3. love it! Nessa probably got a slap on the paw though...
    my seventh post:

  4. Mum-me: That was funny. Those types of situations are a bit tricky to explain.

    Vandy: I'll try to do a How-to next week.

    SK: she did get a scolding.

  5. Near as I can work out this is #7. It, and her sisters took a lifetime to upload for I was on dial-up at the time.

  6. Vince: Strange but it comes up in the comments section with no post. Maybe, I should take a hint by the title; "Blind".

  7. Nessa is darling. I'm sure you were not the happies but still they are cute.


  8. Them were the days when I didn't know how to title the thing. So it's just the photo. Also I'd little confidence at the time.

  9. Oh I love that! And I especially love the picture with evidence hanging from the cute doggy's mouth. :)

    I think this is my 7th post, but it's hard to tell since I was transferring the fight for Journeyman over from my blog. :)

    Have a Happy Mother's Day, Michele! :)

  10. I think the Nessa was framed, the corgi looks guilty.

  11. Great post for a beginning. The looks on their faces are hysterical! I can so identify. The dogs eviscerate (sp?) every toy that comes through the door ASAP.

    My 7th post was a review of a Broadway show as if someone cares what I think.