Monday, May 9, 2011

Occupancy rate

About a month ago JR and I bought ourselves a new bed. For years we had slept in a queen size bed and it was the ideal size for us. Not so small that his 6 foot 2 inch frame couldn't stretch out a bit and not so big that he didn't know I was in the same bed (probably why we have two children and surprisingly why we didn't have more but that probably is TMI). I don't take up a lot of room. At 5 foot 2 inches my space requirements are fairly small.

This bed size was working very well for us until Nessa decided that she just had to sleep with us at night.  Oh sure, I encouraged this behavior when she was little but now that she is 70 pounds and about the same length as JR when she is all sprawled out this situation had become unworkable. Even when the boys were little and would crawl into bed with us this size bed was fine. It didn't help that I hated the mattress on our old bed. I would wake up feeling like I'd been beaten up.

Then I started traveling a lot. Sleeping by myself in hotel king size beds turned from luxury to necessity. I learned quickly that being able to stretch your legs out, move around without encountering a body, and not having a paw pushed into the middle of your back in the dead of night led to a good nights sleep. 

After much complaining (by me) we broke down and bought a new bed. A king size bed, a bed hopefully large enough that I could have a little extra room to stretch out, with a mattress that didn't make me feel like my lower back hadn't been used as a punching bag by Lilliputians. A bed that Nessa didn't feel that she needed every.single.bloody.inch of. 

Here is a visual of the queen size bed situation:
Note: I'm the little one curled into the corner. Nessa and JR sprawled across 3/4s of the bed. 

Now, let see if this dynamic has changed by getting a bigger bed.

Hmmmm...not so much.

Note: that I am still scrunched into the corner while Nessa is enjoying the extra room to spread out. The only real difference is that JR is further away; which in this point in our lives doesn't really matter. Oops, TMI again. If I wanted to sleep perpendicular, with my feet in JR's face then I guess I could stretch out but as it is now the only thing I can say is my back feels better and I don't have paw shaped bruises anymore. So, there is an upside.

My options as I see them are; 
1. I could get stern with Nessa and order her off the bed that she will just get right back up in the middle of the night; which means I'll have several nights trying to break her of this habit. Meaning I'll spend several nights waking up every hour to tell her to get down. 
2. Or, I could just learn to sleep across the bed and while the thought of sleeping with my feet in JR's face doesn't really bother me it might him. 
3. Or, I could just get use to the scrunched up position that I find myself in every night and live for those times when I travel. 

Knowing how incredibly lazy I am I can safely bet that option 3 will be my choice. 

Which option would you pick?



  1. You poor thing! You make me laugh though. You're just too nice to Nessa. I'd totally give her the boot!

  2. Buy the dog a new bed also. Tell her it's hers and make her carry it into the your bed, but make her put it at the end of the bed. Might work, worth a try anyway, especially if the Texas summer is anything like how I picture it.

  3. I'd like to be all forceful and tell you to push the dog to the bottom of the bed...but Lord knows I'm a pansy and don't even do that myself.
    If it's any consolation, that would be the exact drawing I would make of our sleeping arrangements as well.

  4. Blue: I'm pretty much trained by this dog.

    Vince: I'll give it a try but I don't hold out much hope. The Texas summers are as bad or maybe worse than you picture it. Thank heavens for central air conditioning.

    Sher: We are soul sisters.

  5. We have a very considerate dog--he gets down when the lights go off. Nick keeps advocating for a queen size again, but I refuse to give up the king size--two little boys that show up unexpectedly at night make it hard to go smaller.

  6. There's a fourth option...The couch. Cheers and Happy Belated Mother's Day Michele!!

  7. Ha! You made me laugh! Just buy the dog a bed! :)

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  8. How did we prevent this problem? We gave the dog his own room with a double bed.

    You think I jest...

  9. And you think your bed is crowded

  10. Oh that's too funny! We're currently in the Queen bed diagram but with 2 dogs and I'm on the opposite side of the bed with the dogs. ;) We're planning on getting a King size bed when we move since our bedroom is too small to accommodate the comfort. ;) I'd probably end up with Option 3! :)

    Hope you had a Happy Mother's Day! :)

  11. I love the visual! Makes the whole post.

  12. Love the diagrams!

    When we had 2 cats (and allowed them indoors at night) we had to share the bed with them, so I have an inkling of your predicament - although none of our cats were as big as your dog.

    I guess all I can say is look on the bright side ... at least BOTH dogs don't share the bed.

    (Is your corgi okay now?)

  13. As a tall man too, I only have two word for you: California King!

  14. I'd give that dog the boot!

  15. Jenni: I know, I know...but she is soooo cute.

    Be: Isn't that 2 words?
    Why yes, I am a smart ass

    Mum-me: The Corgie is doing fine. I think he got into something on his walk that didn't agree with him.

    K: I liked them also.

    Stacy: That is the option that is currently in the running.

    Jan: what a fantastic idea. I'll have to look into it.

    Carolyn: the dog has a bed. She just likes to cuddle.

    Matt: I've tried the couch, unfortunately the cat sleeps on the couch. I'm allergic to the cat...see the problem?

  16. Option #3!!! Its your best bet.

    My sweet slumber was disturbed by a sweet little baby this am. Grandpa had ran to pick him up and I was allowed to sleep in!! It was blissful. And now he is the bliss goes on!!

  17. I had this issue and then we got a new mattress that made our bed WAY too tall for the dog to get up on. Works great.

    At least until there's a thunderstorm, then she tries to comfort herself by climbing into Xander's bed. You can imagine how that goes.

  18. #3. BUT when the cat wanted to sleep on the bed I finally made him sleep on a special blanket in a spot that doesn't effect either of us. Took a couple of times, but he heads right there now. So much better for him and for me!


  19. As much a I love my dogs, they have never been allowed on the bed. Never in the bedroom even. So I'd vote for getting Nessa out. But you're right, it's going to be like training a baby. Good luck.