Friday, April 22, 2011

4th exciting episode of "Student Writer at Work"

If you haven't followed the hilarious saga of my student worker writing titles and descriptions for some of our materials you really must check them out. 

Background Info:
I put a twenty-something intern in charge of writing titles and descriptions for some images that we were going to put up online at the end of this month. I give him the same instructions and training that I give everyone that will be writing "metadata" for us. These instructions usually include the words: "describe and title the item as you see it and be creative. Just not too creative because we don't want to offend anyone that might be still alive or make the university look bad."
No one to date has had a problem with these instructions.

Until now:
Title: Looking Good
Description: Picture of a famous man.
Really? Do any of you recognize this man? Seriously? I've never seen him before. To me he looks more important and less famous but what do I know.

Title: First ID Slides
Description: One of the first (and worst) ID slides on first ETV station included dim view of Ezekiel Cullen Building, lower left, where KHUT studio was located in former radio studios in attic.
There is so much wrong with this I can't even begin. The worst? In who's opinion? In 1953 television wasn't very sophisticated so it is little wonder that the slides were basic. The station wasn't really in the attic, it was more on the top floor. He got one thing right...that is the E. Cullen Building.

 Title: Mr. Rogers
Description: A mathematician (supposedly Mr Rogers) demonstrating his knowledge to the audience.
Uh..Yeah.  Number one; I don't think this is Fred Rogers. This man's name could be Mr. Rogers but he doesn't look like THE Mr. Rogers. Number two; this was an educational television station. This gentleman could very possibly taping a segment for a math course. But nice try.

Title: Taking it back
Description: KUHT filming a in a old western cowboy setting.
The description is not half bad but how does the title relate?

 Title: The Sailor
Description: A Sailor and his partner posing for the camera.
This one could have been much worse.

 Title: Snack Time
Description: The KUHT staff enjoying a nice snack.
There is nothing like a nice snack with the crew.

That's all the time we have folks. See you around for another exciting episode of "Student Writer at Work". Same Bat time, same Bat station.


PS: I'm heading to Portland, Oregon later today and I'm not taking my computer *horror*. I am taking my camera so be afraid, be very afraid. I'll be around to visit sometime next week. 


  1. What no caption for the last one? Although that could be a good thing considering how the people are dressed.

  2. Have I told you lately that I want your job?

  3. Maybe "Taking it Back" had to do with the poker hand?

  4. I'm with Vandy - no caption for the last one? I'm so disappointed...

  5. I'm just baffled that this guy still has a job. I feel that some day, years from now, this will cause some confusion, and hopefully amusement, for some future librarians. Have fun in Portland.

  6. I kinda like this kid. He cracks me up.

    Enjoy Portland. I think a littel computer free time once in the while is good for the soul.

  7. There could have been way worse answers to any of these pictures. Maybe "Back" was supposed to be 'break' for the card game pic.

  8. OK since nobody else will step up to the table, I will caption the last one: "Suburban Knights". June Cleaver with her Bedouin harem.