Thursday, April 21, 2011

Award fail part II

Remember last week when I accepted Gretchen's blog award and I knew I was missing one? You know because I'm lame. Well, cbs111 was the wonderful blogger that gave it to me. She couldn't be sweeter if she tried.

She said the nicest thing:
It's a dog's life - Michele inspires me with her meatless mondays and her love of all things old.

cbs111, I'll try to keep putting old stuff up and encouraging people to go meatless one day a week. Thank you so much!

And, I'm so sorry that I dropped the ball on this.

Now, for the rules. You knew they were coming. 
Rules are to share 7 things about me you didn't know, and to share with 15 other bloggers.
Wow! This is going to be hard. I am such a chatterbox ya'll know all about me.  

1. I carry my lunch in a red and black plaid lunch bag. 
2. I own 3 pairs of plaid shoes.
3. I have 2 pairs of plaid shorts.
4. I have countless plaid shirts.
5. Do you see a theme?
6. JR wears a ton of plaid. Yes, we are hicks.
7. I don't make my dogs wear plaid collars though it is an excellent idea.

Uh...Yeah, so the whole 15 bloggers thing. Just not going to happen. Not because there aren't 15 bloggers that I am totally in love with (in a nice way. not in a I'm going to find out where you live and show up at your house and then never leave kind of way). In fact, I'm going to go on record as saying that I could probably come up with triple that number but I would rather everyone gets it because I love you all.

So grab the award. You are all the blogs I love the most.



  1. I guess I'll have to re-read your seven things, because I just didn't pick up on the theme. Cheers Michele!!

  2. Only if the plaid shirts don't have sleeves or have lots of holes and are very faded do you qualify for total hickdom.
    Congrats on the award!

  3. Well if you're cutting into the black you're wearing your mans colours. :-)

  4. Vince: He has colours? If I did it was totally unintentional.

  5. Kinda;,11082,tartan.php

    If you push that around a bit you might find something nearer. Is there an 'O' before his name as he uses it. Not that it matters, but here within an alphabetised system it changes the prime letter.

  6. The only thing plaid that I wear is my underwear. When I wear underwear, that is. ;-)

  7. I want pictures. How fun is that much plaid?

  8. I used to wear this plaid shirt ALL the time, so comfy, I would roll the sleeves up and just live in it. Then I saw a picture of myself in that plaid shirt. Never wore it again.

  9. We are hicks to then. Most of Daryl's shirts are plaid. And I have a few myself!!