Friday, March 4, 2011

Another exciting episode of "student writer at work"

Remember a few weeks ago I posted the titles and descriptions of images that our clever and interesting student worker wrote? 
Remember how funny they were? 
I only was able to post a fraction of his work. 
He was amazingly prolific.
At the time I just didn't think that you would want to read through all 263 titles and descriptions all at once. 
One can only take so much funny sarcastic in one sitting.
Or maybe not.

Title: Tele-Auction
Description: Auctioning off bullet pullers, wigs, cassettes, dancing lessons, etc. with Paul Boesch. And proving that PJN will do almost anything for Channel 8.
I'm pretty sure the PJN and Paul Boesch didn't consider their work as whoring for the TV station like this description implies.

Title: Take  #...
Description: A photograph shot pre-emptively before the filming of a show.

Pre-emptively? Really? Is that the correct word for what he saw in this photograph?
Let's look at the definition of that word.
pre·emp·tive or pre-emp·tive  (pr-mptv)
1. Of, relating to, or characteristic of preemption.
2. Having or granted by the right of preemption.
a. Relating to or constituting a military strike made so as to gain the advantage when an enemy strike is believed to be imminent: a preemptive nuclear attack.
b. Undertaken or initiated to deter or prevent an anticipated, usually unpleasant situation or occurrence: The two companies organized a preemptive alliance against a possible takeover by another firm.
4. Having or marked by the power to preempt or take precedence: a preemptive business offer; preemptive authority.
5. Games Relating to or being a bid in bridge at a high level that is intended to interfere with the opponents' bidding.
Can he really tell from this photo that this was a 'military strike made so as to gain the advantage'? Or a 'something that was undertaken to prevent something unpleasant'? It looks more like 'a woman sitting on the set' or 'cameramen filming a woman on set' to me

Title: Starting early
Description: A photograph showing a child maning one of the television recording camera.
This one could have been a whole lot worse. 

Title: Mud shot
Description: Picture of a young woman in the middle of filming.
 Mud shot? Is that an industry term I'm not familiar with?

Title: Working hard or hardly working?
Description: 1st Video tape recorder Arriving.
The title kills me. 

One last title and description by our crackerjack student
Title: Age has nothing to do with it.
Description: A photograph of Dr. Hubertus Strughold, Paige Keetan, and Dr. John Meaney.
How he thought this title was going to work is beyond me.
Stay tuned for more mocking titles and descriptions with "student writer at work".



  1. Age has nothing to do with it? I'm thinking age has a lot to do with these titles.

    This is awesome. Sombody should get this kid a blog.

  2. At least he's keeping it interesting?

  3. Never a dull moment, is there? ;)

  4. After giggling madly over all of it, it occurred to me that your student knows not the meaning of "pre-emptive." But I think you already know that.

    I'm making a carrot souffle tonight. I thought that might soothe you. :P

  5. Remember that sunflower pattern -photo 1, desk- on wallpaper from the 60/70s. If you saw that now the first thought would be it was designed by someone that was very high indeedy. Is that Bob Hope in a wig, same photo.

  6. Vince: when we moved into our first house in the mid-eighties, the bathroom had that same wall paper and I did think they were very high. No, That is Paul Boesch. A local celebrity.

  7. Jan: Thanks for the carrot souffle. The rendering of lard was a little much for me.

  8. According to the Urban Dictionary: Mud Shot - a turgid, wet mix of poo that is ejected with a single flexing of the gut.
    You asked...

  9. Sorry Gretchen, but I think Mud Shot is a nautical term.
    Think Mark Twain. As in 'by the mark, twain'. Two fathoms at the word MARK. A Mud Shot is when the Lead also called the Shot hit mud on the bottom. And also a navagation call from the Leadsman. Characterised by an underwater sucking of ooze on the leadshot.

  10. It’s great. This stuff is really amusing. I love the one with “working hard or hardly working?” That is just perfect.

  11. I agree with K, you need to get this kid blogging. Does he know you shared his wisdom with all of us?