Thursday, March 3, 2011

Coffee Talk

It's a busy busy day today.
No time to chat
I'm so verklempt. I am so upset about the amount of work I have to do before my trip to Baltimore next week that I must go out for a fabulous 2 martini lunch.

Give me a moment.
I'll give you a topic

Early 20th Century nutritional advice is neither nutrition nor advice.


Give us a chat. We'll talk. No big whoop



  1. Hmmm, interesting. I especially like how constipation makes you stupid. If only it were that easy. Amazing how the "advice" has changed over the years.

  2. I wouldn't say constipation makes you stupid. Unless you relate it to politics, then it makes a whole lot of sense as they seem to resemble both.

  3. It's to stop people eating wheat. What's with the fetish with milk. The only people that thrive on that stuff are the horse tribes of the Step.

  4. I'd like to know more about "drippings."

  5. Capt D; it's belly fat. It sits about the kidneys.

  6. You need "some" food from each type every day, don't skip any. How detailed.

    My gram actually went to college to be a dietician, I wonder what she'd think of all of the wonky things my kids are allergic to.

  7. "Early 20th Century nutritional advice is neither nutrition nor advice."

    Why discuss? That says it all.

  8. OK, my witty comment totally went out the window after reading Jan's comment...I'm chortling over here, really! ;)

  9. Well, it's probably better than "only eat pre-packaged diet 'foods' full of chemicals and then gorge on deep-fried chicken because you're just so freaking STARVING".

    Which I'm sure isn't written anywhere, but it seems to happen anyway.

  10. How come constipation makes you stupid? Can someone explain that to me please?  I guess this article is great and you look back, people weren’t as fat as they are today. There wasn’t any junk food, or fast-food restaurants, so I guess maybe we should take into account some ideas from here.