Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I believe I've said it before...

I believe I've said it before but just in case you don't remember, I'm a dork. And, don't be nice and try to tell me I'm not. I know I'm a dork. I can (and this is the really sad part) prove that I am.
Shall I prove it to you?
Yes, I think I shall.
Case in point, this conversation from about 2 weeks ago.

Imagine, I'm at the local NPR station. I love these people. They are smart and interesting and they do cool stuff. Well, they do cool stuff as long as they keep me off the air. I should probably tell them that, or not. It's amazing what they can edit out. Proof that they are talented, they can make me sound smart.

Anyway a group of us were standing around outside one of the studios. 
I'm cool. 
They still think I'm smart.
I've obviously baffled them with bullshit. 
When one of the men in our group looks over to see the man that he was going to interview. Let's call the man from our group Tom.

Tom says; "oh hey there's Mike. Mike over here. Mike is going to be on my show next month."

A round of pleasantries are exchanged, handshaking and whatnot. 
Tom introduces us: "Mike, I'd like you to meet Dacia, Ryan and Michele. Dacia and Ryan work at the radio station and Michele works at the library. Everyone, meet Mike. He's flying the STS-133 next month. 

Me: "Hi" (as I shake Mike's hand). "Uh, What's a STS-133?"

Mike: "The Space Shuttle".   

Me: "Like the plane thingee?"

Mike: "..."

Tom (trying to save an awkward moment; bless his heart He just doesn't know me very well): "Mike is the ship's surgeon. He's going to be doing my show from outer-space."

Mike: "It is our last flight. We will be doing some work on the International Space Station".

Me: "The last flight?"

Mike: "yes"

Me: "uh, dude. You know there are people still up there, right?"

Mike: "Pfft, it's okay. They are Russian. They can find their way back".

Then jokes are made about him bring lemons and limes (turns out he's a real doctor). And, that I'm a librarian so what do I know about space travel. General all around joviality and such happens. He was very nice, even with an out-of-touch librarian that deals in history and not current events.

Do you really need more evidence of my dorkiness? 
Yeah, I didn't think so.



  1. Dude, you touched the hand of a space dude. That's cool.

  2. You met Mike Barratt & didn't ask for an autograph!? You are an immense dork!

  3. Oh geez, you REALLY said "plane thinggee" to a space dude?????? In Houston??????? Ich bin sprachlos.

  4. No. True dorkdom would involve laying some scifi reference on the space dude. Like referring to him as "McCoy" or worse yet, "Bones".

  5. Thank you Gretchen. I didn't do any of those things.

  6. You sure do rub elbows with important people, librarian!

  7. The best line in a film. While a Cosmonaut beats the crap out of a computer on the shuttle.
    Astronaut to Cosmonaut, 'Back off! You don't know the components!
    Lev Andropov: [annoyed] Components. American components, Russian Components, ALL MADE IN TAIWAN.

  8. Ha. "Like the plane thingee?" Classic!! Cheers Michele!!

  9. Plane thingee - I love it! You know, as a fellow dork. ;)

  10. I would have said that exact same thing. Like...verbatim.

    Or possibly the Bones reference. But even reading your transcript of the conversation I was confused about what he did, so probably the first thing.

    You get to meet some pretty cool people though!