Tuesday, March 1, 2011

RTT - Paintings


We're like a gang except we don't tag buildings just blogs.

I've finished this one up. It will be on its way to Jan as soon as it dries. Probably in 2 weeks. The parts that I finished this weekend were the white of his hair and his sweet little ear. What a pain that was! Ears don't look all that hard but they are.

Which doesn't bode well for Captain Dumbass' ear in the next painting.

I've said before that I breed geeks. Want proof? Check out our smarty-pants oldest sons' blog. Could all of you leave a comment about his unqualified nerdiness? I do not know where this kid got his brains. It wasn't me or his dad. 

I should really buy my own domain name. 
All the cool kids have one. 
I can be cool.

First Stumble Upon for the day. I could be doing so much more with those empties.

I could do this all dang day. 

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  1. I've seen people make those wine bottle lamps but I sort of get squicked by having to drill a bottle. Happy Tuesday!

  2. *SQUEEEEEEE* It's GORGEOUS!! I can't wait!

    Cap'n Dumbass's painting looks like it's coming along well, too. You are so dang talented!

  3. Paitings are fabulous!!! Wish I had the talent and/or the patience to do that. Tole painting on wood is my limit. If it takes longer than an thanks. LOL

    Happy RTT!

  4. The silk site is very addicting, thanks.
    Those paintings look great.

  5. Oh, I believe it. Ears look super hard, as do eyes and noses and everything since I'm a horrible artist. You are doing great with the paintings... still need to find you a good shot for mine!

  6. Those paintings are beautiful!

  7. You are so talented, but I brag on you every time I see your art.
    Your smartypants is too smart for me.
    The chinese guy with the water heater is scary on the empties. That is a lot of alchohol that had to be consumed for those projects.
    Silk does not support IE...guess I have to open a different browser.

  8. We're not a gang, we're a CLUB. Also, both of those paintings are looking incredible!

  9. So LOVING the paintings! And while I swear you must know my Texan librarian cousin, I think your son must know his brother, another cousin who thinks astrophysics is a hobby more than a job. Yeah, we breed those types in my family too..


  11. ever noticed the more costly the paint the quicker one'll turn it to mud.

  12. Cap't: squeeing is the right response.

    Vince: I try to not paint so much in one day that my paint starts to mush up. When you drop $30 for a tube of paint turning it to mud is not an option. Especially considering I'm a hobbyist not an artist.

  13. You really are good at this painting thing...really, really good!

  14. I use the W&N artists grade acrylic. It's well worth it for the amount of pigment. But when I used it first I was fiddling about and then stepped back to discovered I'd built a black hole of Calcutta. Something that would sap the light from a room.
    But even today I have to watch meself from pushing the accelerator.

  15. Vince: I've never worked in acrylic. Is it easier, harder or the same as oils? I have to assume that they are the same as oils in that you have to work a little space in the canvas at a time. I tend to leave pockets of blank space so the surrounding painting sets a bit. Then go back a few days later to fill in. That's probably why I have 2 or 3 half finished canvases laying about.

  16. It doesn't so much dry as it sets. And very quickly indeed. and there is very little chance of musing over the exact colour. If the palette -aka 3mm ply with a hole in it, cut by the fair hand of Vince- doesn't see it the canvass won't. You can't really mix on the fly on the canvas like you can with oils and be certain of them staying put.
    I've wrecked more sky putting a 'haze' of horizon yellow on a lovely blue that turns to green twenty mins later. Basically you can work it like oils but it will react like watercolour.
    What you can do though is get a translucent wash effect ala Turner. It will make any twilight streetscape a Grand Canal or view of St Pauls.

  17. I just bought my own domain name today! It's super easy if you want to do it. 10 bucks a year if you use blogger.

    Happy RTT.

  18. Do the domain name thing. Dooo eeeet.

    I got that same boozy stumble yesterday. Go figure.

    And the paintings are awesome, of course!

  19. Oh, I need to get you a photo. those look great.

  20. Wow! Jan's painting is GORGEOUS! I see no ear problems whatsoever.