Monday, January 10, 2011

What the Elmore do you want?

I posted something awhile back from this little Houston Chamber of Commerce pamphlet that I adore. Since it was mostly about cars Mary, from Unmitigated, was interested in seeing it. She works at the Ford Museum in probably one of the coolest jobs ever. She brought my attention to this gem. 

From now on I plan to use this sentence as often as possible and would like to encourage all of you to also.

What the Elmore do you want?

Fun facts about Elmore:

The Elmore Manufacturing Company, made the Elmore Bicycle before the turn of the century. As the nation turned to the automobile, Elmore Manufacturing developed the Elmore Car which was unique because it had a valveless motor. Needing to expand its operation, the Elmore Manufacturing Company moved to Clyde on the grounds of the present Whirlpool Plant. New models of the Elmore Car were made every year until the company was sold to General Motors. There is an Elmore Car and Elmore Bicycle on display in the Harris-Elmore Public Library.Fun facts about Elmore - - Toledo's News Leader |

Wikipedia has bit bit more info about this car manufacturer. 
Remarkable Cars has a great photo and a bit more information.

Have a great day everyone.


  1. I think YOU have just one of the coolest jobs ever.

  2. Sigh, there was a time when I would have loved to work in a archive or museum or library. Life changed my path, but I still think that museums are so cool.
    Thanks for showing the cool stuff you get to see in your job.

  3. Jan: Thanks. I do have a pretty cool job.

    Vandy: I didn't get into libraries until I was over 45. It is never too late. I've always said that in libraries you never retire, you die in the stacks.

  4. I think both you and Mary have amazing jobs.
    And if I look quickly at the title of this post, I mean, I DID, I would think you were talking about a certain Sesame STreet character.

  5. I'm going to use it too. Clean up my language a bit :)

  6. I think that's quite a catchy phrase and should be worked in regularly! You encounter the coolest stuff!

  7. I'm with Jan - I think you have the coolest job! :)

  8. My Dad loves that shit. Once, for Christmas, I framed an old Ford Crown Vic ad from a Life magazine (a magazine that I pilfered from the trunk of one of his old cars, actually), and I think it's still his favorite gift ever.

    I may go back to school AGAIN to become a librarian, thanks to you.

  9. I printed out a color copy of that ad and posted it in my corner of the cubicle farm! Perfectly legit.

    p.s. Sorry about bringing the cold down here with me.