Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Isn't it amazing

Isn't it amazing how trends, attitudes, and fashion all seem to cycle around?

There are more movements these days than there are days of the week. (yeah I was going to say something else that was totally disgusting but decided against it. It sort of made me throw up in my mouth a bit so I figured I'd save you the details) 
Anyway, these days there is the:
whole food movement, 
gluten-free movement, 
meatless movement, 
lower sugar no high fructose movement
save money, spend less
buy local
you name it there is a movement, diet, foundation, organization, society, charity, cause, or association for it.

Funny thing is during World War I the United States rallied around their troops overseas by becoming Hoover Helpers. It was one cause that encompassed all of the ones listed above and everyone joined.


  • Save the wheat. 
  • Save the meat
  • Save the milk
  • Save the fats
  • Save the sugar
  • Save the fuel
  • Use perishable food
  • Use local supplies
94 years later these have become relevant again. Maybe it's just me (mostly likely since I'm a bit of an anthropology/history nut) but I find this a fascinating bit of social history.

Something else that I like about this is the idea of starting at home to help yourself and the greater collective. I know, I sound like a commune-loving, liberal whack-job who enjoys smoking pot, looking at flowers, singing Kum-By-ya, and holding hands but really if we all thought a little more about helping others and in the process help ourselves wouldn't that make life a little easier? I'm probably talking out of my a$$ but I've been kind of disillusioned lately by the American people and by people in general, including myself. Or maybe it is the winter blues. Whatever.

What do you think? Does anything on this list relate to you? Am I a liberal whack-job? Should I be worried about that?

Just please don't call me a Hooverite.



  1. I kind of agree--and I'm most definitely not a liberal whack job. Change has to start at home. Nick and I are working on it with ourselves and our boys. Small steps, right?

  2. You are not a Liberal whack-job - not at all. Or if you are, I'm a Libertarian whack-job who agrees, for the most part, with you. I'm with VandyJ on this - change starts at home. Personal responsibility on every individual's part is key.

    As for the list - it is indeed relevant today. The part that spoke the most to me, however, was "Don't limit the plain food of growing children." Hear, hear! And plain food does NOT include Pop Tarts, sugary breakfast cereals, juice boxes, Goldfish crackers, etc. Cook REAL food for your kids - they will eat it.

  3. Are you suggesting "liberal whack-job" is a bad thing?

    I'm with Jan. My favorite line is "use perishible food". If we could all cut out all the processed junk full of preservatives, we'd all be so much healthier and...thin.

  4. I'm disappointed in people too. Everyone is so quick to point a finger at everyone else and there's just so much hatred spewing forth everywhere. UGH!

    I found it so interesting that it says on that sheet to hang it on your kitchen hook. Everyone had a kitchen hook? How can I not know what it is then?

  5. I think I'm opposed to the "Meatless Movement" but otherwise I agree with you that starting at home is the best thing to do.

  6. Some would say the world has changed...this post shows that it has circled back.

    Good post, Michele!


  7. When the bell bottoms come back in, I'm bowing OUT. :-)

  8. So...we're NOT going to hold hands and sing Kumbaya in Nashville? I was looking forward to it.

  9. I could certainly eat less cake...

  10. Mary is being a total biatch. I can say this because I had dinner with her tonight and love her more than is reasonable as a heterosexual woman...she is the bomb for good conversation!

    As a former waster of food, I do find myself finding ways to use what we have and "live out of our pantry". It's skill our parents possessed that was highly valuable and I'm glad I'm learning it.

    Long live conservatism! Wait...I meant that in the pantry sense...don't kill me in my sleep at Blissdom!

    Heh. xo

  11. After years of living to excess as sort of a pushback to my parents and grandparents' frugality, I'm coming back to being careful about what is used, what is saved, what is reused, and what is tossed. It's not so much because of the Earth, or because of the economy, or because someone's wearing a ribbon of a certain color. It's just because it's the right thing to do. What a novel idea ;)

  12. These days it's the conservative wack jobs that are practicing frugality. The timing is right!