Friday, January 7, 2011

I've won the jackpot

And while it is not the big Lotto jackpot (wouldn't that have been sweet? It would be Blissdom11 for everyone!) 
No, I won a give away over at Stacy's place.

It was a gift basket full of my favorites.
19 pounds worth
(according to FedEx)

 Let's deconstruct it.
Back in the back is a Starbucks gift pack with coffee and a travel mug. I don't know how she knew it but I needed a new travel mug. JR has made off with mine. His first words upon seeing the new mug; "oh good, now I can switch off days." I don't think so, buddy. (my first words)

Off to the right is a Johnsonville gift set with sausage, cheese, crackers, cutting board and a knife. Once the guys got a look at that it was gone. All that is left is the cutting board, the knife, and some crumbs. I was hoping that would get me out of making dinner but no such luck.
In front of the Johnsonville stuff is a little package of coffee and some chocolates. I have absconded with those. They will be going to a safe place where only I know where they are. There maybe keys involved. And, little stolen moments.

Smack in the middle front is two stemless wine glasses. I'm uber happy about these. They turn my set of 4 to a set of 6. Really, a much better entertaining number. It also means that I can use a glass everyday without the pesky task of washing and still take Sundays off. Okay, so I never take Sundays off. I'll just have to find another glass. Wine tastes just as good in a water glass.

In front of those is a Black Cherry scented candle. Stacy thinks of everything. This gem came in handy after the guys ate all the cheese and meat. Enuf said.

That little white package on the left is Focaccia mix. That will be a weekend project.

Last but in my mind not least, 3 (count them, 3) bottles of homemade wine and 1 bottle of coffee liqueur. Added to my overindulgence latest purchases my wine fridge is satisfyingly full.  There  is really very little more beautiful than a satisfyingly full wine fridge. Okay, maybe there is (sunsets, puppies, babies) but for me the full wine fridge is good. We've all got to take these little pleasures when we can.

While I was feeling all special and taunting you with my win the cat yakked up a massive pile of undigested cat food. On the carpet no less. Oh yeah! I feel special. I bet you want to be me.
Thank you Stacy! You are the best!

JR now thinks that blogging is not just a major time suck and that I would be better using my time paying more attention to him (HA!). See what he knows.



  1. Wow Michele! You really did hit the jackpot!! Hide the rest and enjoy at your leisure!

  2. Dang! What numbers do I have to play to get that roll out?!?
    Stacy is so generous!

  3. WOW! Cheese, wine, candles, coffee...I mean, seriously...ALL my favorite stuff tooooo!! CONGRATS!

  4. Wow what a win!
    And I seriously think cats are nauseated by carpet. At least mine only yaks on the carpet, even if the wood or tile is just inches away.

  5. Heh, nothin' like a yakking kitteh for keepin' it, like, real, ya know?? Nice prize!! :-)

  6. Wow! That's probably the best giveaway I've seen in the bloggerhood.

  7. WOW! Good for you!


  8. Awwwww! Your kind words are making me blush. Stop that! ;)

    I'm just super relieved that everything showed up in one-piece, considering the drop-kick job FedEx did to another box shipped that day. It's also very nice to know I was able to read your mind about a couple of things...*snicker!*

    And I forgot to mention that Princess Nagger supervised the putting together of the basket - and when she saw the Johnsonville stuff, giggled and hoped that you'd think we made that all ourselves. ;)

    ENJOY!!! :)

    Aloha: Pets

  9. Oooohhhhh, isn't Stacy just a doll? How's the wine?

    I, too, have a bottle of Princess Nagger Reserve, a (very) rare bottle of G Man Potion. Alas, I can't tell you how it tastes because Beloved is so tickled with it he won't let me open it.

  10. The name on that juice is amasingly close to the one some would like to see banned from Mark Twain.

    Congrats on the win.

  11. OMG--coffee & wine--that is bliss.