Tuesday, January 25, 2011

RTT - justifying


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I can't do this for you, people!
Sorry, feeling out of sorts today.

While there is never any question about what I drink (red wine all the time. I justify drinking red wine by saying it is good for my heart. My cardiologist would want me too.) I found this website that might help those of you who need to know what to serve with dinner or at that party.

I ordered a new pizza stone from Amazon and I'm as giddy as a schoolgirl to get it. I'm not even going to justify this purchase. Sometimes I'm like that.

Rider by Bogs at
I want these boots. I just don't want to pay $96 for them.

RB Peacey-Z by Gabriella Rocha at
 I'm probably going to get these instead. They are only $49.
 I can and probably will feel the need to justify a $50 pair of rain boots. 

Sometimes it just pays to be the Queen of Justification. I'm also the Queen of Bullshit. I really see those two as synonymous. One needs to be able to spew a lot of bullshit in order to justify a $50 pair of rain boots. Or a pizza stone. Or my new stupid smart phone. Or a hundred other things I have lying around the house.

I picked up a bunch of shells at the beach on Saturday. As JR was washing them off he found a hermit crab in one. So, of course, he had to tell me all about it. I feel terrible now. I can't drive over an hour to take the hermit crab back to the beach, I have to pack for Blissdom! So it is going to die on my patio. I can hardly stand the thought of bringing those lovely shells back into my house. And, don't tell me that there are thousands upon thousands of hermit crabs in the world and one of them dying on my patio is no big deal. JR already tried that one. It didn't work. I still feel like a murdering murderer. My family thinks I'm a nut case for getting all broken up about this.  Okay, I can't talk about this right now.

I need to go do something else for awhile. I think I'll put black beans in the crockpot for dinner tonight. Maybe, it will get my mind off the little baby crab on my patio. Food is always a distraction.

I'll be heading off to Blissdom tomorrow (Thank You ConAgra! For the lovely prep package). I'll try to send pics if my stupid camera will ever charge. You may be seeing pics from my phone. It works!

the crab murderer


  1. I love those rain boots!!!! Nice change from the boring old wellies of my youth!!!

    Happy RTT!

  2. Take the little hermit crab to work in a shallow bowl with a bit of whatever hermit crabs eat, and find out which co-worker knows a little kid who wants a pet. They sell hermit crabs in pet stores!

  3. Princess Nagger would have wanted to keep the hermit crab as a pet. I probably would have driven all the way back to the beach to make sure that didn't happen - or leave it on the back porch unattended and hope it finds its way back on its own. ;)

    I'm the Queen of Justification, too - bet I could learn a lot from you, though.

    Have fun at Blissdom! Wish I were going!

    RTT: Head Colds and Renovations

  4. I was going to tell you to get a small aquarium for the little fellow, because they apparently do make good pets, but, well, other people beat me to it.

    The boots? Are WAY cool.

  5. My first real pet was a hermit crab and when it died, I remember I was watching Pee Wee's Big Adventure and it was the first time anything close to me died and I remember being confused and scared. Heh heh.

  6. I've had friends who had hermit crabs for pets. And maybe it's an old old hermit crab who had a good life. Not buying it? Had to try.

  7. Never heard of a pizza stone. But would a large terracotta floor tile do much the same thing. And you could get it to fit the oven.

  8. On the wellies. They are the Glastonbury Slut style. As in the Yurt sleeping celebrity and worn in that position normally described as akimbo and seen in mud only when there is a camera in the offing.

  9. Definitely pawn the hermit crab off on someone else. Or flush it. All drains lead to the ocean, don't they? And if anything goes wrong, blame it on Pixar for releasing Finding Nemo.
    -Jen, shifting the blame since 1976

  10. Have fun at Blissdom! Hugs to my girls.

  11. Chicks in boots are HOT!! Librarians in boots are simply off the chart. Cheers Michele!!

  12. Great. Now I want those $100 boots, too.

  13. Don't forget to get liners for your Wellies!

  14. You sound like me when it comes to red wine.... I say the exact same thing.... especially when I am with my husband's best friend who happens to not only be my dr, but a cardiologist too!