Monday, January 24, 2011

Day Trippin'

JR and I like to get away on day trips. These are nothing big; just an afternoon away. We get a chance to chat in the car about stuff that is happening at our jobs, our home, our future plans, you know; stuff. Mostly, it's me pontificating to JR what he should be doing because obviously I know best (snicker) and him saying "yes dear" because he knows when to appease me. It's a win win.

We decided to take such a day trip on Saturday. Yes, I know I should have been painting. Yes, I know I should have gotten a little of the work I brought home done. No, I didn't do either of those things on Saturday. I left them until Sunday. Because, I like to amuse myself with the idea that I work better under pressure but mostly, it's because I'm a procrastinator that needs specific deadlines or I do nothing. Not that doing nothing is a bad thing.

Back to our little day trip, we decided to go to the beach. You would think that going to the beach would not be an hour+ drive from where we live but it is. The trek goes something like this:

First, you have to go through the city. It's a very big city, combined with the road construction and general traffic, this takes some time.

Then, you have to drive past the oil refineries and the Budweiser brewery. The brewery should have been of some interest for JR since he enjoys having a beer but he doesn't like Bud. We do have to go past the St. Arnold brewery which does interest him. So it is right here that he always says; "let's make plans to go there sometime." And where I always say; "sure".

Then you have to drive across some bayous and swamps. All the while making snarky comments about the alligator farms. Yes, you read that right. Alligator farms. That you can visit. Think about it.

Then, you take a right at more oil refineries. This particular ugliness is broken up by the coal plants. Adds another layer to hideous.

This part of the drive gives you the opportunity to admire (and feel somewhat superior again. because the alligator farm thing is just never enough)  the houses on stilts and to question others intelligence. Sure it would be great to have beach property but when it blows away on a fairly regular basis one has to wonder how great that really is.

Then you are at the beach. It's on your left. You can't really see much of it yet because it sits over the dunes.

It's less like a picturesque drive and more like an odyssey.

Our plan was to stop at Sea Rim State Park for a quick walk along. Get back in the car for a leisurely drive down the coast to the ferry that would take us to Galveston. In Galveston we'd do a little more beach combing then drive up to Pasadena where we would stop for burgers at Culvers (only because Jan says their butter burgers are the best ever). Then head home. Our plans were foiled when we found that the road down the gulf was still closed. It seems it hasn't been repaired since Hurricane Ike came screaming onshore a while back.

When we got to the beach we found a local nature conservancy group had set up shop. They were giving out garbage bags for those that wanted to help clean up the beach.

We decided to help out. So I grabbed a couple of bags while JR and Nessa grabbed some snacks. I can't hardly blame them. They never have Hot Links at my house. We thought better of giving one to Nessa. We did have over an hour drive home with her in the car.

Filled two big black garbage bags. 
These bags and tooth brushes seemed to dominate the refuse pickup.
 You can probably guess where the oil salt bags came from.
 Seems that when you clean up a major oil spill you forget a few things.
I guess it could have been worse.
We could have found oil blobs.
Which we didn't.
Blessings people, one must count them every once in awhile.

 There were several others on the beach helping out. These people had the cutest boxer dog. He was very anxious to play with Nessa. She was unimpressed.

 There are my loveys on the beach.
The weather was perfect. 
Not too hot.
Not too cool.
Helping to clean up the beach made us feel all civic and superior.
At the end of the day we went into Beaumont for some dinner.
It was a perfectly nice feel-good day trip.
How was your weekend?

P.S. All these photos were taken with my phone. I've been having problems with my camera lately. This does not make me happy. I need my camera for the trip to Nashville.


  1. Sounds like a perfectly lovely way to spend a day. We do the same thing when weather permits--only we go to the mountains and drive down dusty dirt roads. The same sense of relaxation and tranquility results from our excursions.

  2. Sometimes a little day trip is just what one needs to do a little relaxing and clear the mind. I love to go for long drives around the countryside. It's always calming.

  3. Is it easy to fly in state. You know like no fuss, no delays and stress. So you can go places like El Paso, Big Bend wherever. Oh, even though it's years since I tasted Bud I'm with JR -really, in Texas-. My cousins in Chicago have this Yellow snow yellow beer comment that has a certain validity.

  4. Trips to the beach in our area take 2 hours.
    30 minutes to convince the kid that we have enough toys for the beach, 30 minutes to drive.
    30 minutes to convince the kid that the beach is supposed to KEEP the sand, 30 minutes to drive.

  5. The only beaches here reside around lakes.

    Lucky you.


  6. Even though your best laid plans were foiled by the odyssey, it sounds like it turned out to be absolutely perfect! :)

  7. Sounds like a lovely day!!! This weekend we headed to Omaha to "getaway" for a day. Should of checked the forecast a bit more closely as our day was cut short and the ride home was long and treacherous!

  8. We, too, are Day Trippers. Usually through Amish country, but the old prison where they filmed Shawshank Redemption is an hour from us, so we plan to go there sometime soon (we've also been saying that for five years, not unlike your brewery).

    And yes, Culver's Butter Burgers are damn tasty, but if you've got a Whataburger nearby JR would like those, too - they're huge and tasty and they have the best onion rings I've ever eaten.

  9. All the ugliness on the way is more than made up for by the spectacular finish! Holy wow!

    So sad that there was that much crap to pick up though. :(