Monday, January 31, 2011

The First 10 StumbleUpon hits

So Blissdom was wonderful. It was all too much to talk about in one post so I will be chatting about it throughout the week (just because I want to torture you with all the details of my confinement within the scary biosphere hotel). One thing that I do want to say right off is that spending time with Mary Anne, Keely, Becky, and Beth was absolutely fantastic. They are all lovely genuine women. Who I adore.

The conference itself was interesting. It made me think about things like: "what is my blog all about?", "where do I plan to take it?", "do I have a point?", "do I care to have a point?", "can't I be completely superficial?" Isn't inanity enough?". In that vain I give you the first ten websites that pop up on my StumbleUpon spins.

Lemon-Honey Cupcakes Recipe. Mmmmmm...cupcakes. Muffins sweeter and more fattening cousin.

10 Dogs that make great pets. Here they are in order: St Bernard, Labradors, Newfoundland, German Pointer, Collies, Dalmatians, Siberian Husky, German Shepard, Basset Hound, Great Dane. Do you know what dogs I don't see? I don't see a tall ball obsessed blond curly haired mutt and her fat and less fortunate brother the Corgie.

8 Stupid Amazon Products With Impressively Sarcastic Reviews  I have nothing to add to this; you MUST read the reviews. No! Go right now. I'll wait. It is totally worth your time. I laughed so hard I cried, snorted coffee out my nose, and pretty much humiliated myself. Very embarrassing. 

How to clean a house: "The secret to an organized and clean house." I've got a secret for you...pick up your stuff.

How to tick people off  This is one of those silly how-to things that I don't really need. I KNOW how to tick people off. I do it all the time. In fact, I'd hazard to guess that I am a frickin' genius at ticking people off. 

Whorange: banksy versus bristol museum. It seems there is a person the doctors up fine art pieces to make them funny. Does this person get paid for this because I do it everyday for free? I think I'm missing some earning potential here. Anyway, they are kind of cute.

HowStuffWorks "History of the Rosetta Stone" This could prove interesting if I ever need to know 3 different dead languages. What? It could happen.

7 Creative Corn Recipes. Brought to us by the Lifescript people whose motto is "healthy living for women". Corn? Seriously? It that the best you could do? Wouldn't broccoli been a "healthier" choice?

Artwork: Diversity. I'm not exactly sure why a painting with a 3 headed woman and squash means diversity but who am I to understand artists. I think the colors are purty though.

What Beer Should I Drink. I feel so much better in my beer drinking choices.

There you have it. My first ten StumbleUpon hits for today (or really yesterday. Okay, half yesterday and other half today). 

Do you waste an embarrassing amount of time play around with SumbleUpon? What are your first ten hits?



  1. Loved the sarcastic Amazon reviews. Surprisingly, one of my first ten stumbles was How to Tick People Off. Do you think they are trying to tell us something?

  2. Drat. Can't access from work. Will need to see the sarcasm later. :-(

  3. If I stumble this, does the biodome implode?

  4. I've looked at stumble upon a few times but never joined up and used it. Maybe I'll finally go along with the cool crowd and do so someday soon.

  5. I am way behind on this StumbleUpon stuff. I mean, I think I sorta know what it is, but I don't have a lot of experience.

    Mary Anna has a cute pic of all of us up today!


  6. Yes, I'm still kind of processing everything myself!

    You are every bit as wonderful as I thought you would be too, even more so!

  7. Rather like the banksy stuff. There is a documentary floating around with a lot of his stuff in it kinda explaining the street art movement (Exit Through The Gift Shop).

    Best thing I've seen is when he painted on the wall between Israel and Palestine.