Tuesday, February 1, 2011

RTT - finishing up with the Blissdom stuff already.

This Random Tuesday Thoughts thing is like an international phenomenon.
If Keely really is serious about world domination than this is her inroad and I'm one of her minions.

Those of us that went to Blissdom are still talking about it and probably will for awhile yet. I'll try to be brief.

Beth and Becky with a giant raisin.
I'm sure this needs no explanation.

Becky with standing instrument playing horses.
Yep, no explanation here either.

Mary Anne's dinner.

My dinner
Once again, no explanation needed.

Text from JR: "new record tripper a six bagger ness a no bagger"

My reply: "That dog is no longer full of shit"

I like to pass this information along as a public service. If you are ever walking in the park on a Saturday morning and see a tall man with a short fat dog you are going to want to watch where you step. Sometimes JR runs out of poop bags.

One last thing. I'll be putting up a page for commissioned paintings sometime this week. I've looked around a bit to find out how much others are charging and it's outrageous. I plan to charge enough to feel like it is a win win for both the parties in this transaction. I need to start at least covering my costs. So if you are interested watch for it. Thanks - over and out.

Okay, that's it for me. Please take a moment to visit any or all of the wonderful bloggers that play along with this crazy game.



  1. I think your dinner is the win in this scenario!

  2. Looks like you guys had a lovely time. Becky does love to have her photo taken with people in mascot-style costumes. I believe at BlogHer I got a shot of her with Elmo and Dora. The Pilsbury Dough Boy too (or was that Keely??)

  3. OMG - that's the giant raisin Keely was talking about. It's almost as frightening as the blue bunnies.

    And I want your dinner. For breakfast.

  4. So what exactly was the raisin doing? I thought the California Raisins went out with the 90's. Scarily, I have a couple of raisin costumes in the attic--the boys play dress up with them.

  5. @VandyJ, that's exactly what we said. Becky was like, "Are the CA raisins still a thing? Who knew?"

    Michele, it was so great meeting you. And thanks for introducing me and my hips to fried pickles. Now I'm obsessed. :-)

  6. Blue: My dinner was a win. Though it cost the earth.

    Jenni: Becky was all about the themed costumed photo ops. It was amusing.

    Jan: the bunnies...scary!

    Vandy: I was surprised also.

    Beth: You are welcome. Fried pickles are a delicacy the must be tried.

  7. What's this? You're going pro? So excited!!!!
    And to think I have TWO Michele R.'s from when she was just hobbying it. Squee!!!!

  8. This is cool, i love happy moments and the Japanese food looks delicious.

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  9. I don't really understand my compulsion to be photographed with people in costumes. Maybe I didn't get to go to Disneyworld enough as a child.

    Great post!

  10. That was the most expensive piece of raw fish in the history of well, raw fish. But I got to be with you, so it was worth it! xoxoxoxo