Tuesday, December 7, 2010

RTT: Merry Christmas, here's a cauliflower plant


Keely uses words like Yuleicious. 
Because she's awesome like that.
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I've done a little bit of decorating for Christmas.
I got our tree up.
And it's even decorated

Okay, so I haven't worked real hard at the Christmas decorations thing. 
I've been busy, yeah, that's right, busy.
Uh, let's move along. Nothing really to see here.

I have this 60 year old + hand-hooked wool rug. 
Made by one of my mother-in-law's friends, it is fraying. Badly
I, somehow someday, want to repair it. 
It really is pretty.
In a tattered way.
Sometimes, I know exactly how it must feel, 

As seen at the Farmers market:

Cauliflower plants
Nothing says thank you for inviting me to your very clean house, which you and the cleaning crew have spent countless of hours making ready, and where you have spent hundreds of dollar on food and decorations, not to mention the copious amount of time cooking and decorating,
than a cauliflower plant.

This proves I am in the wrong business.

I'm spent. Go visit some or all of the other RTT folks. It is time well spent.



  1. Interesting cauliflower (that is a strange word to spell). I'm just re-gifting our tree ornaments.

  2. I don't know why, but seeing your cute Christmas tree made me laugh out loud. Seriously. And you're doing better than me - I haven't even started with the decorating. Maybe I should get one of those trees and call it a day. ;)

    LOVE that rug - especially the history behind it.

    The cauliflower plant as a perfect hostess gift? Yikes! :)

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  3. I must try the cauliflower idea.
    The reality is if homegrown it would cost more in time money and effort than a bottle of very good French wine.

  4. A cauliflower? Hmmm...I think a kale plant would look nicer.
    Love the little Christmas tree. I have days when something like that would be easier and nicer than the one we have up. But little boys would never agree.

  5. I hope if I win an award at work they give me a cauliflower.

  6. I'd gladly take the cauliflower plant as a hostess gift. Of course it would just DIE in all this SNOW.

    Can you tell I'm still peeved about the snow thing? I thought so.

  7. I think I love the person who put the hostess gift sign on the cauliflower. That totally made my day.

  8. I admit that I hate when people give me any kind of plant. I kill them all without fail. Sigh, then I feel guilty.

    Nice tree.

  9. I love plants. I have a green thumb!

    Great post! :)

  10. I love your "decorations!" You've definitely got the right idea. Hmmm...exactly what kind of hostess wants a cauliflower plant?
    Happy RTT!

  11. By the cauliflower standard, pretty much ANYTHING is a perfect hostess gift. "Here, I brought you a deck of cards and some 3-day old toast!"

  12. Hostess gifts always leave me flustered. I would love to bring a bottle of wine, but get caught up in the red vs white vs maybe she would like vodka instead? Or what about beer? Then I just turn for the cauliflower plant and call it a day.

  13. The cauliflower was the best! Better than the recognition awards they give out here. Which is nothing! so glad you stopped by the place, see you next RTT.

  14. Had to check out the cauliflower reference Love it! :) LOL
    Veg Mamma!