Monday, December 6, 2010

HiHo HiHo it's off to paint I go

Definition: A commission is an original piece of artwork completed by an artist as requested by a client.*

By this definition I am a commissioned artist. I KNOW! That sounds all big time and such. 

So, here is how the story goes (in a sort of exaggerated or I can't remember all the details form. Jen: if I'm wrong just work with me okay?):

Jen from Sprite's Keeper left a comment on the blog asking if I did portraits. Or people? I'm not really sure what. I could go look it up but yeah, not going to happen. Way too lazy. 

I said that the only recognizable person I had done was a watercolour of Bill Evan's from one of his album covers for The Boy. 

Or something to that effect. I still love this painting though it is sitting on the floor of my studio getting flecks of paint on it. I think I'll take it to the office. Or maybe I'll hang it in my bedroom though I'm pretty sure it will freak me out. Anyway,

Jen didn't say anything at that point but her husband John inadvertently spurred on my thoughts about the matter by posting this picture on Facebook.

I emailed Jen that if she didn't let me paint that picture than I was just going to do it anyway and keep it for myself. Okay, I didn't say I'd keep it but I probably would have or at least taunted her with the possibility of me keeping it. Which totally did not happen because;

She said that was the exact one that she wanted me to paint and asked how much would it cost. 

I told her I had no clue. The only thing I've ever done was barter with Keely for my Super Librarian logo. Which I love by the way. Best trade ever! I think we settled on a couple of tickets to DisneyWorld (I'm totally hoping for park hopper passes, btw). Which would make it another awesome trade. JR and I love DisneyWorld and Epcot Center.

Then I told her I would keep her updated with the progress and would try to have it done by Christmas. Which won't happen because of the stupid conference thing last week and the fact that white paint takes a ton of time to dry. Curse you zinc white! Anyway;

She was all "THAT would be great". Whenever you get it done. I'm pretty sure that all her emails start with "I'm so excited". Sometimes all in caps. Those of us with fragile egos need to see all caps.

Knowing the way I work I needed a deadline so as close to Christmas as humanly possible is the goal. I decided to keep it on the QT because I didn't want her husband to get a look at it by chance but yesterday she gave me the okay to show all of you.

So without further ado but a disclaimer; it's only about half done:

Jen: I took out John's photoshopping. I hope you don't mind? Oh and I thought that I would make the castle a little out of focus so that Sprite was the most distinct object. Let's call it creative license.

I'm actually a little, okay a lot, in love with this painting. A picture on the computer just doesn't do it justice. You can't really see the brush strokes. Or the little dots on her dress or her beautiful long eyelashes. 

So Jen: Are you okay with it? If not, I'm putting it up at my house. Or I'll call your parents. Think they'll spring for Disney tickets for it? BTW, I'm thinking March for a visit. Does that work for you? JR and I thought we could spend our 28th anniversary there. One more thing, is black okay for a frame? 


PS: It's Meatless Monday today. Let's all try to pick one day this week to go meatless. Roasted Red Pepper soup recipe coming soon. Painting first, cooking after.

Love this quote:

Jeffrey Bernard: I have been commissioned to write an autobiography and I would be grateful to any of your readers who could tell me what I was doing between 1960 and 1974.

* Creative Glossary 


  1. I am going to bew totally selfish and tell you that you should go during the last week of March. That's because Jim and I will be there, also visiting Jen!

  2. And can I get in line for that painting, because AWESOME!

  3. Nicely, mostly done!! Cheers Michelle!!

  4. MAW: That is the week that JR's vacation for the year kicks in. Let's chat about this more offline. I definitely think it could work. Oh, and thanks.

    Matt: Thanks, mostly. hehe. Funny but it looks a little too green on my work computer but at home it was fine.

  5. So many things I love in this post: Jen, Sprite, Disney Castle, and learning that you paint. I'm envious. I always wished I could paint or draw.

  6. That painting is beautiful! Wow!

  7. Pseudo: I had never drawn or painted until 4 years ago so if you want I bet you could.

    Jay: Thanks. It came out a little green on my computer screen at work.

  8. BLOWN AWAY!!! Absolutely awesome, Michele!!

    I promise I don't start every email with "I'm so excited", but looking through the history of our emails, you're completely right!
    Definitely a couple of parkhopper passes are yours! I just need to figure out if I can hand deliver them or if I need to ship them to you as March is a little tricky for us to sneak away to Orlando. (After you see what we did this last week, we need to save some more..)
    Every time I see progress on the painting, I have to stop myself from showing it to John, I just want to see his reaction that much!
    I know I keep saying it, but your talent blows me away!

  10. That is FANTASTIC! Can you paint my kids? I'll send them down straight away. They'll probably squirm a lot so you may need to hold them down.

  11. OMG - that painting? IS. MARVELOUS.

    You are sooooo talented. *sigh*

  12. Thanks everyone. It's given me a couple of bad moments but all in all I'm pretty happy with the way it is coming out.

  13. I knew you were talented, but this? Absolutely AMAZING! :)

  14. So beautiful!!!! You did such a wonderful job on Sprite. I think your art is worth so much more that Disney tickets, you should have your own art dealer.

  15. Well, done!

    Oh, by the way if you want a really good gluten-free pasta use only pasta from Tinkyada every thing else is N.A.S.T.Y.!


  16. Wow! That is a FANTASTIC job!

    Can you paint Xander next? :)