Monday, October 18, 2010

Photographic proof that I do not shut up

Alton Brown was signing books at my Coscto on Sunday.
Give a good look at each of the pictures that the nice man that AB brought with him took for me. Notice anything unusual? 

Not my jiggly arm or crazy hair.
Or that my bra strap was starting to slide down my arm.
Or that Alton is shall we say, not on the tall side.
Or that it looks like I outweigh him.
The man, seriously, has no butt.
I checked.
You ladies can thank me later.
Notice who is doing all the talking.

"My friend Becky in Atlanta says Hi!"

AB: "Tell Becky Hi!"
(as an aside, he does have some great looking forearms)

"My daughter-in-law only like avocados in your guacamole. She says thanks"
AB: "You mean she doesn't like them outside of guac?"

"No. It's weird I know because guac is like all avocado with just a little bit of other stuff thrown in but really who can know why one person likes something but not the main ingredient on it's own. Maybe, it's the texture. But we love her anyway"
AB: "Uhhhh"
 (Notice glazed look. I'm pretty sure he was thinking; get this crazy woman away from me.)

Did I mention the veggie show I want Food Network to produce? NO!
Did I mention that he is the Bill Nye of food? NO!
Probably just as well. He must have already been truly afraid of me by then.

It could have been worse. I could have been the person immediately after the man that loves AB so much that he named his kid Alton. Yes, there was a 2 year old 3 people behind me named Alton. Whose father was wearing a t-shirt that had him and AB on it. Of course AB had never posed for it. It was photoshopped by his brother-in-law. That is how much this guy loves AB. How do I know all this? Well, he was only 3 people behind me and we did have 2 hours to kill. Standing behind him would have been SO much worse.

I do have to say that until that point I had a pretty productive day. I walked/ran 4.2 miles with Nessa, made veggie eggs benedict for breakfast, hard-boiled a dozen eggs and made sugar-spiced nuts all before I left at 11am. After I got home at 1:30? Nothing. I read the rest of the afternoon. I was truly lazy.

Hope your weekend went well. 



  1. He was the go to guy for getting your veggie show on tv!!! Talk his ear off about it!

    I too only like avocados in guac. And I really only like Clark's guac....unless he adds too much hot sauce!

  2. Heavens, there must be 50 people behind you. That is like Russia back in the day. Only American !!!!.

  3. Okay, I read none of this once I got through the intro.
    YOU MET ALTON BROWN??!!?!?!?!?
    I am in love with that man's snark and timing. And his food rocks too.

  4. So does he have pretty good security around him? Just wondering. haha

  5. You BOTH look totally hot!

    He is the Bill Nye of food. And the Jon Hamm of food.


    Great job, Michele!

  6. Vince: You can't tell but that line of people stretched the length of the store. At a guess I'd say there was probably 500+ people. I was about number 20.

  7. We love Alton Brown! That's so cool!

  8. Yay! You thanked him for his guac recipe!! thank you! Also, your hair is super cute!

  9. With all that cooking, how can he not have a butt? What a cool experience that you got to chat him up and have a book signed!

  10. Congrats to you on mastering the fine art of overtalking around a celeb. I hold a degree in that skill as well. How fun!!!

  11. I'm ashamed to say I don't know who that is. He looks concerned though.

  12. You got to meet Alton Brown?!! Wait...who is he? ;)

    Glad to know I'm not the only one that will talk someone's ear off...we're definitely kindred spirits! ;)

  13. I know that in spite of what you say, he is now a better man for meeting you, because he now knows what to llok for and avoid in would be autograph seekers. Cheers Michele!!

  14. I love avocados in and on anything. I live where they do NOT grow.

    You are looking good, girl!


  15. ALTON BROWN. No. Way. He's one of my three wise men. Why is he only on at night? There should be an Alton Brown channel. All Alton, All the Time.

  16. You are definitely the least crazy of the bunch. Will you be mad at me if I tell you I've never heard of the dude?

  17. BTW, your hair looks really cute short! When did you cut it? Or am I crazy and it's always been short?

  18. Ya, I have no idea who Alton Brown is, either. He looks skinny. Perhaps he should eat, rather than cook?
    lol. You hate me now, right?
    That lady behind you with all the books looks scarier than you could be, I'm sure of it.