Friday, October 15, 2010

I say it was a double dare!

So I griped and complained about the Food Network the other day and a good majority of you agreed that they needed to maybe possibly probably rethink their programming. Or, maybe I just interpreted your responses that way. Let's check a few of the comments to be sure I wasn't just extrapolating:

Jan said...
The Food Network is no longer about food - it's about stressful competitions and making people who can't cook any better than you or me (and have far less understanding of what constitutes good food) "stars." I can't watch it any more - it irritates the bejebus out of me.
Pseudo said...
Well done!! Let's get this post out and about and see what happens ; -) I have to admit, I love Diner's Drive-ins and Dives as it makes me feel like I am on a road trip, other than that I've lost interest. I am not a vegetarian, but would love a vegetarian show for the meatless nights ( try to cook meat only 2-3 times week).
blueviolet said...
I think they're really missing a key market when they don't do a show for vegetarians!

Extrapolating? Nope! I don't think so. Then I got this comment from MitMoi. She tells it like it is.

MitMoi said...
Here's what I think. Excellent Idea. Now make it happen. Find out who the production company is for Good Eats, Giada deLaurentis, and Saran Moulton. Write the proposal, outline a few shows, pitch them the idea. You're a librarian - do the research and point out how it doesn't have to have fringe (ie: PETA) appeal. I bet you could do it.
I'm thinking this was a dare. This might have been a double dare.

Am I wrong, Mit? Were you NOT just challenging me to figure this out?

I thought, I could do this!
I have the tools.
I have the people.
I have the PBS connections.

I had to have a plan. Librarians have to have a plan. We just work that way. We are sort of the planners and organizers of the world. The internet would not be near as chaotic if librarians had been consulted first. (I'm just sayin').

First step, check the Food Network website for how to propose a show. Here's what they say:

Food Network appreciates your interest (yeah right!) in suggesting ideas, but we only accept series and specials proposals only from television production companies with national or major market production credentials. If you are a production company (if you are not please don't bother), please send us your credentials and a history of your production experience only. After reviewing them, Food Network will determine whether or not to send you a release form with a request for further information. DO NOT send any pitch ideas or proposals as they will be returned unread (if we haven't already thrown them into the trash after laughing ourselves silly). Please send your company's credentials to:
Food Network
75 Ninth Avenue
NY NY 10011
Attention: Submissions New Show Proposals
*Italicized remarks made by the blog author as emphasis. Not a Food Network opinion. Though, I'm pretty sure they are saying this under their breath.)

I say this is bullshit (pardon my language).  So I checked on who does the production for Good Eats. Be Square Productions was started by Alton Brown after he did a stint on PBS. Or I think that's what I got from his bio. Just try to find the page to propose a show. I dare you!

Everyday Italian is produced by Teale-Edwards Productions LLC. They at least have an address that you can pitch a show to. Granted there is not a place to specifically pitch a show but at least you can find an address. That's like amazing.

I checked out the production company for Sara Moulton and personally I find them kind of scary.

So there you have it. The production companies and the Food Network.
What do you think I should do?
Who do you think I should pitch a show to?
Do you think I should contact the local PBS station? I do have friends there.
Do you want to help me write my proposal? Please do!
Any and all suggestions will be appreciated.
To tell you the truth I am counting on all of you to help out. I'm more than willing to be the village idiot in this crusade as long as I know that you all have my back. Jan? We could do a whole bunch of stuff about organic and sustainable food?

If you want in leave a comment and email me your suggestions.

The Crusader M


  1. I think it's the coolest thing that you are pursuing this! And yep, we've got your back. ;)

  2. Contact PBS! Gather the masses! Sound the vegetarian horns! Pitch the proposal!

    I almost wonder if you should pitch it to Alton Brown...

  3. You are so damn sexy when you do research. Cheers and Good Luck Michele!!

  4. What about TLC? If Fud Nutwork doesn't want a great idea, shop the competition!

  5. Go with it! I'd love a practical way to incorporate more vegetarian meals into our diet--but I'm not wildly impressed with the offerings in most cookbooks. I don't care to sub in cauliflower for meat, just does not work well. I know if the show was practical, not fanatical, I watch it.

  6. By ALL means, contact your local PBS station! Back in the day, that's how all "celebrity chefs" got their start.

    Me? I've just purchased three books on how to write a cookbook and get it published. Full speed ahead and damn the torpedoes.

  7. Yes!!!! Excellent first steps. And I don't think you're the village idiot. AT ALL.

    I think your PBS link is invaluable. See what they say/suggest. I've never written programming proposals (ie: screenplays) before ... but might be able to dig up some info/contacts.

    I'll see what I can find/figure out.

    Also - I know you're in Houston - but I'm wondering if this doesn't almost have an "Austin" feel to it. Perhaps there are some potential sponsors around? I'm thinking the Texas Organic Growers Assoc. or some such. Also - take a look at nationally known chefs in your area. Any of them doing morning shows? Are they friendly? Pump them for info.

    I'm so proud of you!

  8. I'm buying both yours and Jan's cookbooks.
    What about Meatless Monday? Celebrichefs are jumping all over that, aren't they? Maybe get them to back you in this? They have to have SOME pull..

  9. Wow, you go girlfriend. I wouldn't know where to start with something like that but you will rock at it.

    Hmmm, with all of the rising food allergies, I would love to see some sort of program that helps with that but I doubt we'd ever see it. Even a stupid competition show to make gluten/dairy/soy free foods that don't taste like balls.

  10. I hope you do write your proposal and I really do hope they listen!!!