Tuesday, October 19, 2010

RTT - Updates and alerts


Keely's got random covered. Click the funny purple button. It's okay. The ham won't hurt you.

Exercise update: Gretchen thought up this idea to give a quick update of her exercise for the week as part of her RTT post. I thought that was a terribly brilliant idea of hers. So I stole it. This way I don't have to bore you anymore than I normally would and I would be somewhat accountable. It's a win win for both of us. So here you go, in the last seven days I have walked/run 8.4 miles over the weekend, worked out to two 30 minutes videos on Monday and walked 30 minutes around campus on Thursday. Not bad. Could be better. On the diet front I let the wine fridge go empty cutting 300 calories a day from my daily intake. I'm not sure I could make much more of a sacrifice than that!

Halloween spoiler:
So I wouldn't eat this:

I made this:

Sugar/spiced mixed nuts.
Because nuts are good for you

Travel Alert: I'll be in Philadelphia on November 1st for a week. So if you live in the area and want to get together please let me know. I love meeting blog friends in person. I promise I won't stalk you in real life much.Or if you know of something that I MUST DO while there let me know that also. This will be my first trip to Philly. FYI, chances are I won't be sampling the cheese steaks.

Costume ideas: 
Zombie Librarian. I think my Halloween is covered.

Have a great Tuesday everyone


  1. I have purchased pop tarts to avoid eating jelly beans. Is that the same thing?

  2. Oh, wait! AND...I am awaiting the arrival of the new running bra I purchased on the recommendation of Jen on the Edge, another busty runner, for whom it has worked! I walked a 5K this fall, and plan to RUN it next year!

  3. I do my PT stretches daily...does that count as exercise??
    Oh and I run to the house so I can hold baby first?? And I am the first to jump up when lil mama says she is ready to nap and give the lil darling up!! That counts right?
    Enjoy Philly!!!

  4. Zombie librarians? I think you could be onto something there.

  5. Letting your wine fridge go empty is the supreme sacrifice. You're my hero.

    Are you driving or flying to Philly? I might have to make the 2+ hour drive to have the chance to meet you. I could even deliver in person the wino gift basket you won! Sorry that might mess up your diet. ;)

    RTT: Costume Decision, Ship's Bell and HDTV

  6. If you made the snack mix yourself, it definitely means it's better for you than the candy. I mean you burned calories making it, right?

  7. I still haven't bought Halloween candy because I don't trust myself. We never get the goods stuff anyways. We have like 200 trick-or-treaters, so we need to go cheap.

  8. Hi, I used to be a librarian in my younger days. I was badass. Well, in my imagination anyways. We librarians do our share of daydreaming. Anyways, good luck with the dieting. I have a 5 year-old who loves sweets as much as I do. Not good. Yesterday he did me the favor of sneaking all the cupcakes. The last 3 before I caught him. Oh well. Back to the gym! Happy RTT

  9. I don't know who Alton Brown is, so I googled him. Hehe, shoulda guessed he'd have some big doin's with food. Looks like ya'll had great fun :-) Now will you pretty plz send me a bag of the spiced sugar nuts???

  10. And when are you coming to FL?

    You said nuts... hahahahahhahahah. Sorry, feeling a little twelvish today.

    Awesome work on the exercise! I haven't done much since we've been getting the house ready to sell but next week, I'm back to the grind (it went on the market yesterday).

  11. Nice blog! I have worked in bookstores for half of my life so... i hear ya!

  12. BOTH of those are terrible for you. You should send them to me.