Tuesday, September 14, 2010

5 Random Things because I can't think of 10.

When you don't have anything to write about do a list.
A list that has no context or order.
Then call it your Random Thoughts post because really who's going to call you on it?
It's random it qualifies.
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1. Like the new banner? It's from a 1950s wine list. I do find the oddest things or maybe they find me? Here is something else from the same wine list.

in vino veritas = in wine truth

A girl bathing in wine. I feel pretty comfortable with this. It looks like a white so there shouldn't be too much skin staining.

2. My iTouch loses it's charge in about 2 hours. It's really pissing me off.

3. Coffee = consciousness. I'm just saying.

4. I could do this:

Then I fall flat on my butt managing along the way to suffer abrasions and contusions. Most of those abrasions and contusions in places where I didn't actually land.

5. What the......?

I'm not sure where or should I say when the USDA is living but if the top 2 home activities are "building a fire inside" and "butchering animals" I'm pretty sure I've been sent back to the 19th century. Maybe, someone should mention that they need to update their database. Don't look at me....I'm getting a kick out of looking for obscure activities. What's next, ironing a petticoat? Maybe, cooking Indian bread on an outside stove, oh wait that is one of the options.

6. The title may say 5 but I can't seem to stick with any kind of order today. I have owned a lucky bamboo for over 1 year that I haven't been able to kill. This is a first. My usual kill-time of lucky bamboo is 1 month. Does this mean my luck is changing? To the good?

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  1. Of course I LOVE the new header! And that woman bathing in wine is hilarious - I might have to incorporate that into one of my wine labels just for fun... ;)

    Coffee = consciousness...Amen! And Wine = euphoria.

    Yes, that database is in serious need of updating, isn't it?

    Maybe your luck is changing since you haven't been able to kill off that lucky bamboo yet!

    RTT: Gifted Princess Nagger, Shoe Dilemma

  2. Found you through RTT and HOLY COW your layout is adorable.

    And I'm with you on the coffee front. My pre-coffee browser font size is 36 and my post-coffee font is 12. And even with the pre-coffee enhanced font, I'm still not sure I'm really understanding what I'm reading.*

    *I read your blog post-coffee.

  3. I'm afraid I have to agree with the coffee statement. After a week of no coffee and no wine I was having horrible anxiety attacks (no joke). I'm back on coffee, but am still giving the wine a pass. That'll teach me to throw away both of my crutches at once.

  4. A phone that doesnt work correctly doesnt last long in my presence!! You are a saint to put up with it!!

  5. Loving the banner, but why does it look like pudding in the barrel? Is he making mousse?
    I think I need a snack. Or coffee. Whichever is closer and less willing to fight me off.

  6. Love the new banner.

    I guess that building a fire inside and butchering animals do go together in a way. Animals do taste best roasted over an open flame. ;-)

  7. visiting from the unmom. bathing in wine sounds like heaven.

  8. Love the new banner. Maybe the fire thing is for those who just bought a house with a fireplace and need to start a fire in it? It can't be just for those arsonists out there can it? We butcher animals--my husband hunts but my mom taught me everthing I know about that.

  9. Cute, cute banner!
    I love the complete randomness of your random!
    I'm thinking of trying the whole building a fire inside!

    Happy Tuesday!

  10. Oh, you could probably pull off the can-can without incident. Just don't do it on a bike!

  11. my ipod touch did the same thing after I updated itunes. The problem is with Apple's operating system...the ipod just continually checks for new data, until the battery dies. Drove me crazy for a week, until I did the following...In Mail Settings, turn off the Fetch New Data. Also, keeping it in Airplane mode helps, or even turning the wifi off helps too.

  12. How old is your iTouch? Mine's not keeping it's charge very long these days either.

  13. Hi!! Visiting from Random THoughts Tuesday! How weird "butchering animals".....kinda strange to say the least.

    I'm a new follower and would love for you to stop by and visit sometime.

    Heather from Mommy Only Has Two Hands!

  14. I wonder how many calories the USDA would say I've burned if I bathed and/or swam in wine. I wonder if there's a government grant I could obtain to conduct such a study for them.

  15. Mmmm. Bathing in wine.

    It looks like you can 'add an activity' on that screencap. Maybe people are just messing with you. Maybe you should add 'ironing a petticoat' yourself ;)