Thursday, September 16, 2010

How did I miss this place?

You all know me. You know how I seek out weird, unusual and down right strange places. You know that I love nothing better than a good huge chicken/arrows/cows/whatever standing along side the road. I love the old, the slightly crazy, the falling down stuff.

I've seen giant chickens set atop a fair ground entrance sign in Indiana. A crazy house turned church turned just-to-odd-to-be-real in Mississippi. I've seen two huge steel arrows rusting alongside I-40 in Twin Arrows, Arizona. I've eaten at that strange place in Austin, Texas with the travel trailers sitting in the parking lot. I've driven by the road sign in Nebraska that said "Scenic Vista ahead"; knowing that 'scenic vista' and Nebraska should never be used in the same sentence.

I do weird.
I do travel weird.
I seek out the unusual.

I've been to Kingman, Flagstaff, and Winslow.
I've stood on the flippin' corner in Winslow.
I've seen the sites that are Camp Verde.
I've even been to Pinetop (in the very very bottom far right corner of the map)
So how in God's name did I miss Seligman, Arizona?

These pics were sent to me from my friend Candy on her trip from Bullhead City, Arizona to Macinaw Island, Michigan.
And I'm jealous.
And sad.
And angry that I didn't get here when I lived in Arizona all that time.
What the hell was I doing?

A big chicken on the side of the road.
I love me some big fake chickens.

A stone squirrel on a lamp post.
I'd kill to see this.
*weeps just a little*

A crazy decorated old car.
With plastic flowers as a hood ornament.
*out right crying right now*

It totally boggles the mind how I could miss a place as colorful as this.
*Excuse me. I need a minute*
*okay, I think I have myself together again*

It is obvious to me that I am just going to have to go back to Arizona by way of Route 66 this time. Then I'll be able to visit the Slug Bug Ranch in west Texas.
An excellent idea if I do say so!

JR and I will be traveling up to Dallas tomorrow to watch the Washington State Cougars get beat up by the Southern Methodist??????Preachers? I don't know what they are called. We are not in any hurry so I'm hoping to convince JR to take the back roads. He is pretty accommodating of my need to see the interesting and unusual. Though he just doesn't see the need to go out of his way to see falling down old houses. So if I don't check in much it is because we are seeking out interesting sites in east Texas.



  1. Love those wacky signs and stuff - only in America? Maybe not. We have our fair share of weird stuff too. Just up the highway is a set of four very lifelike zebra statues in a field by the road, and further on is a 20 metre high merino ram.

  2. You really need to come to Detroit. Not only do we have the Heidelberg Project, we also have the giant Goodyear tire on I-94!

  3. A good resource for strange items to see while traveling is I just learned about that site a few weeks back.

  4. Here in wyoming we have large boots (about five feet high) scattered around our state capitol, a large Jackalope (good for pictures of kids on) in Dubois (pronounced doo-boys)and the ache of antlers in Jackson Hole city square. Of course you can't see all of them in one day, the distances are just to spread out, but they are interesting.

  5. Oh man, I must send you some shots from around here.

  6. Oh, honey, this is perfect for Travel Tip Thursday over at Pseudo's. How did you miss THAT? :-)

  7. Have fun and Go Cougars!! Cheers Michele!!

  8. The Mustangs, my dear. The SMU Mustangs.

  9. This is exactly why I put up Mr. Linky. Awesome.

    My big dream is to road trip the old highways and diners. In a Thelma and Louise convertible would be even better.