Tuesday, August 24, 2010

RTT - It's lucky the place didn't burn down

You are getting very sleepy.
Your eyes are very heavy.
You hardly notice when I steal your wallet.
Click on the button.
Come on
Click on it.
Click it.
You know you want too.

Back in 1991 (I know. Don't mock) we moved into my in-laws house. They had moved into an assisted living place and someone needed to take care of their place. It was 2400 sq. ft. of interesting. And, when I say interesting I really mean 1970s avocado appliances. Orange daisy wallpaper in the main bath. Kitchen flooring that was glued down with the same substance that adhered the tiles to the space shuttle. Stars, stripes and anchors wallpaper in the guest room. Wiring that tended to light itself on fire in random places. You know, interesting.

JR and I were reminiscing about his dad's place the other day. (his dad who built the place from the ground up, I don't need no damn permits, I can drill a well or sink a gasoline tank anywhere I see fit, damn it, dad) We were looking fondly upon the weekend we went out of town when my mother called to tell us that the dining room light decided to flare out. When she went downstairs to check out the circuit breaker she found it on fire, for the third time. Good times my friends, Good times.

We are now known in the apartment complex as the people with the jungle on their patio. I figure they are just jealous of our foliage. I think we are the only ones that can go out onto their patio to retrieve seasonings for their dinner. Yes, I am smug.

The cat, who we had to bathe 2 weeks ago and who we figured was on deaths door, was feeling so good that he playing with the dog. Strange as it might seem but the 10 pound cat got the better of the 73 pound dog. So.....adorable costs $200.

I just spent $625.00 on repairs of my car. My car is now worth..........$625.00. I'm a great negotiator.

That's enough out of me. I'll be reporting from Waco tomorrow. Stay tuned for action packed Dr. Pepper news....



  1. Yee Haw...Waco, TX. Home of the Baylor Bears, and well...the Baylor Bears!! Safe trip to ya, Cheers Michele!!

  2. WACO...I used to live in Belton, TX, a little town just south of Waco. Have fun!

  3. Avocado appliances and orange daisy wallpaper? Throw in some orange/green/yellow multi color shag carpet and it sounds like my parent's old house. Waco - nice place. Passed through there many times. Enjoy!

  4. classic RTT. And your jungle sounds fabulous.

  5. My parents had the same avocado appliances. You weren't the only one questioning your parents' taste. :-)

  6. well, at least it has some, uh, character?

  7. I assume the place is still standing?

  8. I've only had white, never avocado...but I remember longing for avocado...I'm older than you. Can you tell?


  9. In case you hadn't noticed, avocado appliances are making a comeback. I had them in one of my college apartments and they totally rocked!