Monday, August 23, 2010

Biggest sellers. And the winner is..........

For months upon months the post that received the most hits/searches around these here parts was my recipe for Huevos Rancheros. This always surprised me. It's such a rustic dish. It didn't seem to me that it should garner that much attention (and, when I mean attention I mean a few page views a day. I'm not talk thousands. I am talking even hundreds. More like tens. Actually, more like ten). I mean really!, it's eggs and beans. Until a couple of months ago. That is when my Avocado Egg Rolls went crazy. (tens. not thousands or hundreds) Strange. What's even stranger? I rarely work that hard at making them any more. Not that I don't make them, I do, but I don't put as much effort into them.

Let me show you:

I still make the dipping sauce pretty much the same. Cilantro, honey, salt, pepper, olive oil but I have been mixing it up a bit. I've been adding spinach or parsley. Cutting back on the honey. Nothing radical. Just lazy. If I don't have the exact ingredients I walk out to my patio to see what I have the most of growing out there. (These days - not too much. It's pretty hot. Though the basil is loving it)

I've been experimenting with a jalapeno sour cream sauce instead. There is this restaurant in Houston called Chuy's that make the most outrageous creamy jalapeno sauce that I have ever tasted. I have been trying to reproduce it ever since. Granted, I haven't been trying very hard at it lately but it's rattling around in my head. When I've got it worked out I'll let you all know because it is to die for.

Yep, I still do this. That avocado meat still hasn't succumbed to my levitating powers yet so cutting it out of the skin is still called for. Only difference here is that I just slice it in the skin then pop out a couple of slices for each egg roll wrapper.

This step....I don't do at all. See above slicing method. I also either slice re-hydrated sun-dried tomatoes or seeded and sliced fresh tomatoes. I lay those along side the avocado slices. Then I thinly slice an onion and place it along side the tomato and avocado slices. I'm not this daring but you could...if you are daring and have the taste buds of steel, place a thin slice of jalapeno right on top of the avocado. But, that's only if you can handle it. Me? Nope! I'm a wuss.

I still roll it the same way. Because really there is only one way.

though, since the guts of the egg roll are all neat and tidy slices it's not near as messy a job. I like that better. Sure, you could say I was lazy because I took out the whole mashing step but I look at as being efficient. HA!

This is another step that went right out the window. You could still fry them it you want but I bake mine now. I spray a cookie sheet with cooking spray. That stuff in the yellow can, usually starts with a "P", ends in an "M", has an "A" in the middle. I beat up an egg and using my handy dandy pastry brush, I brush the sides and top with the egg. I pop the whole sheet pan full of eggrolls into a 425 degree oven for about 10 minutes or until they are golden brown. Efficiency at work again.

They still look like this. They are still crunchy creamy goodness. They are still full of good stuff. They are just easier to make and better for you. If there is anything I'm all about it is making things easier on myself. The better for me thing is just a bonus.

Yes, I did just re-blog.
I'm sorry.
I'm so ashamed.
I feel terrible.

My only excuse is that my sweet potato pie muffins didn't turn out as I hoped this weekend. While I tweak that recipe I thought I'd give an update on a recipe that I have been perfecting. Lame I know.

I'll be traveling this week to the lovely town of Waco. Where I'll be taking most of my own food and definitely all of my own beverages. Sorry, whoever makes Dr. Pepper but that stuff makes my stomach turn.


PS: Don't forget it's Meatless Monday. Except Jan. She's changing her culinary lifestyle to a high protein/low carb thing and it's really working for her. Yay! Jan.


  1. LOL - no meatless days for me, but I did post a meatless recipe. Just for you. ;) And don't feel bad about the re-post - I've been known to do it myself. (And the avocado egg rolls look soooooo yummy!)

    Actually, it's a higher fat, moderate protein, lower carb (cuz the carbs are still there; I'm just getting them almost exclusively as vegetables and fruits now). But yes - it is most definitely working!

  2. I for one am glad for the repost. I might even try to make these, they look so good. And the sauce is pretty.

  3. I'm glad you did the repost, I missed it the first time around! They look YUMMY and you make it sound so easy! :)

  4. They really look good so it worth seeing again!

  5. I liked how you let us know what cooking spray you use...its the same one I use.