Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pillarguri? Could you use that in a sentence?

Pillar-Guri, Prillarguri or Pillarguri was a woman who according to oral tradition played a key role in the Battle of Kringen, in which Scottish forces were defeated on their way to Sweden to enlist in Swedish service in the Kalmar War against Denmark and Norway. (yeah, I did what we tell every student not to do....I used Wikipedia as a source. I'm so ashamed. I am really but I'll get over it because my lazy gene carries much more weight then my authoritative source gene does. How do I know this? I've got the extra 10 pounds of lazy ass to prove it.)

The way the story goes this shepherdess (I'm assuming she was a shepherdess since she has a goat hanging around her. Or else there is something else going on that I just don't want to think about and is probably none of my business anyway) blew her horn to announce the arrival of the Scottish forces. Thus, the Norwegians were given time to gather their forces and defeat the Scots. She saved the day. Leave it to a woman to think on her feet.

Now, here's the thing about oral's usually wrong and most likely embellished. We've probably all played that game where someone whispers something to you, you whisper it to the next person, they whisper it to the next person and so on down the line. When the secret gets to the end it is totally different then what it started out as. Yeah, well, this story is most probably like that. Not that parts of it might be true or a great number of the facts are right but I tend to think not.

Take for instance, the part of the story that talks about the guy riding his horse backwards. I mean really, who rides his horse backwards as a distraction? According to this legend...a Norwegian does. I know I might be distracted for a minute or two but would 300 fighting Scots be? I'm not convinced.

Back to my pins....

I have these two sterling silver pins from Norway. I'm not sure when or where my mother-in-law acquired these pins but I suspect she got them when she went to Norway in 1980s. She had a Norwegian grandfather who settled in North Dakota (surprising huh?) and I think she wanted to trace his roots a bit. If we can trace this logic I should be hopping a plane to France and JR should be heading to Ireland. I like that logic. I can't afford it but I like it.

Now, I'm off topic again. I seem to do that a lot lately. Hmmmmm....something to consider. Yikes, I've done it again. These pins are not my most favorite of the things that I've kept from my in-laws but they are not too bad. They could be worse, they could be the owl pins that I did not keep. I've never worn them for fear of getting asked what they were. Now, that I know maybe I will. Of course, then no one will ask me about them. That's pretty much how things roll for me. As an experiment I'll wear them today. I'll let you know tomorrow if anyone says anything.

Have you got a piece of jewelery or something you wear that invites comment when you wear it?
Just to clarify, I'm not talking about a cast on your leg or a neck brace because those are sure to invite comments, if only to elicit sympathy or arouse curiosity. I'm talking something less dangerous or injurious. Though to be perfectly honest I could hurt myself wearing one of these pins. If you all will remember I'm the one that falls down all the time, or like I did Monday, hurts myself with a cordless drill putting up a set of shelves in my studio. Move along....nothing to see here.



  1. Those pins are unusual, but lovely. I'll be interested to hear if anyone asks about them.

  2. Hummm! The plot of family history. I just love it. My people are all so from here, having only gotten a few lines back to England, Scotland, and Ireland. To have others in the mix, complete with an oral history is really cool.


  3. Hm. I once received this ring on a beach in St Thomas from a woman who was selling them and even though I did not have any money, she told me to keep it anyway. Told me I was meant to have that ring. It had an interesting green shimmer to it, but wasn't a mood ring or anything of the like. Just unusual. Got a lot of comments. I finally stopped wearing it when I started dating John, about 2 years later. I'm not even sure if I kept it..

  4. I love that there is a story behind those pins. Those are treasures that should be passed on and I'm glad you appreciate it!

  5. Will be interesting to see what is said about those unique pins!

  6. I'm pretty sure the Battle of Kringen was actually during the Klingon civil war. Wiki can be misleading at times.

  7. You are so funny! Love your new bloggy look here.
    My ex is half Norwegian. I hadn't heard that tale. Riding a horse backwards to distract 300 Scots? Maybe if they'd been drinking?