Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Shamrock Hotel - A haiku

I'm no poet but I'll give this a try.

Here is a story
Once there was a grand hotel
Built by an oil man

In the late forties
In lovely Houston, you know
The Shamrock by name

It drew all the stars
to be seen and admired
Hollywood did rule

They sang lots of songs
they also played in the pool
While photos were shot

Dressed to the nines
Houstonians gladly came

Big records were set
on how many people went
to see or be seen

It now is no more
the wrecking ball took it down
that once grand hotel

This haiku made possible by a generous grant from the Sprite's Keeper foundation. In association with nobody because lameness does not need association with anyone. It has its own realm and I seem to be living in it.

Love and sorry for the bad poetry,

PS. the images above are from menus of the fancy schancy restaurant in the Shamrock hotel. Built in Houston in 1949 it lived a sad, expensive and not profitable life from 1949 to 1986. Much to the dismay and heartbreak of Houstonians at the time it was torn down to make way for the Texas Medical Center. We are working on a collection of memorabilia of this once famous building in Houston and will be putting a digital collection up soon.


  1. Loved your Haikus. It's sad when they tear down historical buildings.

  2. Loved your Haikus. It's sad when they tear down historical buildings.

  3. Your Haiku was great!
    I don't consider it lame.
    Nor should you. You're linked!

  4. Good job! Well done! I love the old historical buildings. It is always sad when they go the way of NEW.

    By the do you like your new house? And Yard? Are the dogs enjoying everything?


  5. I LOVE your haiku - it was much better than mine! LOL

    I met one of Beloved's sisters for the first time recently (she lives in Nevada); her masters is in library science and she says she's jealous of your job. LOL

  6. It's always sad to see an old building get torn down. Great way of summing up a piece of history which may not exist physically, but can still live forever through things like your poem.

    Thanks for sharing,

  7. Ummm...sounds like you're a poet to me!

  8. Awesome haiku! Lots better than I could ever do...especially when I don't know what a haiku is. :)

  9. I love the history lesson/poetry Spin Cycle combo!!

    And by the way, it's looking great around here. Love the books wallpaper.