Tuesday, July 6, 2010

RTT - texting mania , making connections and zombies

Latest text exchange with my daughter-in-law, Val.

Me: I'm at a family masonic function. Kill me now!

Val: Yikes

Me: OMFG they've started with the folk music

Val: No!

Me: Yes!

Me: therebe old toes tappin'

Val: Lol

Me: oh christ! they've started taking requests.

Val: Where is all this crazy?

Me: in annapolis. now there are tears.

Me: it's at times like these that i need a data plan. this has blog fodder all over it.

Me: they've started giving speeches. They are introducing everyone and their neighbor. It's painful.

Me: MY EYES! The horror. someone get that cat off that lady's head.

Thus ended the entertainment portion of the program.

I need one of these garden zombies. Unfortunately, not available at this time.

JR and I were talking the other day about how the old ways of meeting people has changed. It use to be that you met your friends or possible future partners at work, church, social functions or at bars. Our lives have become so busy that a lot of people don't have time to join groups that interest them or go to church or they come home from work and are just too tired to go out again. So how do people meet?

They meet online.

This same theory applies to meeting family and friends online. I love having email conversations with blogging friends, chatting online with some of you, and even meeting up if we are in the same place at the same time. I feel like I'm part of your lives as I hope you feel you are part of mine.

Ever wonder if that blog post you published awhile back made a difference or caught someone's attention? It could and it did for me. I am now in email contact with one of JR's cousins. How this happened it what is so awesome about social networking.

His cousin saw a blog post I wrote about JR's great, great.....grandfather. Turns out Mikal found that post and emailed me. He doesn't have any information on their shared family in North Dakota. I'm sending him sending him a copy of all the info that I have. In return he is sending me some coffee from their coffee plantation in Kona, Hawaii. I wish I could afford to deliver the copies in person! Because having family on a Hawaiian island? Awesome! I could easily become the family member that comes over for a short visit and stays forever.

I think that does it for me. Please take a few minutes to visit all the others that join in the Random Tuesday Thoughts over at The Unmom. Keely's awesome! Though I hear she's been ripping pages out of dictionaries.



  1. That's a cool story about JR's cousin and yeah, a garden zombie would be way cool. Cheers Michele!!

  2. I may have to get that garden statue if only to freak out my terrier..

  3. That zombie is crazy and quite frankly, I want it.

    Well, I met my sweetie pie online through blogging, and my daughter met her soon to be fiancee online too.

    I went to a masonic function last year and it was hilarious to me! They took it seriously but I could not!

  4. Kona, Hawaii huh? Think you can pack me in your suitcase???
    And I am loving that zombie!!! I want one!!
    Great random!!

  5. Love the text convo!
    I'm glad someone else meets people through blogs and calls them "friends." It's always a little awkward to be talking to my family and say, "I have this friend in Minnesota and she...." They look at me like, "You don't have any friends in Minnesota.
    Happy Tuesday!

  6. you are so super funny you are right my kids I fear may loose the talent to have a face to face conversation their fingers are flying so fast

  7. Love the garden zombie...may have to keep an eye out for one of those.
    I can't imagine having to meet someone now. My SIL met her boyfriend online. I have however enjoyed reconnected with some long lost friends, that's been kinda great.

  8. I want to hear more about that Masonic folk music event. Woohoo!

    And please let us know when the Garden Zombie is available.

  9. I love that you and the DIL text this way! I want to be a MIL like you one day!!
    And the online connections? So cool...

  10. That sounds like some event!!! It beats the 1 1/2 hour open mic toasts at the rehearsal dinner I went to this past weekend. At least you had some toe tapping.

    It is strange how connected you can feel to people you've never talked with or seen in person. I love it though!!!
    I look forward to following your blog now!!

  11. Right now I'd love to be able to attend anything wacky or not!!

    I do consider my "bloggy friends" my real friends. My kids think I', nuts but.....they did before blogging came into my life too!

  12. I'm ALL worn out from wacky this weekend!

    And I want that garden zombie. No, I MUST have it...

  13. Thankfully, this beauty is still available online:


  14. WOW! That is one cool story!


  15. I posted one of those garden zombies on my site ages and ages ago and said how I'd like one to put in the front yard. I still want to do that just for the heck of it. Funnier than flamingos any day.

  16. Ok, that zombie is awesome and I need one.

    The internet is great for connecting. What I like about blogging is how a lot of us like minded folks have formed "online" friendships that feel even more personal than a lot of my every day friendships do. How dorky does that sound?

  17. Love the garden zombies, Michele! And also you are so right about online connections. Well said!