Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Starting over and it feels so good?

I had a busy day on Tuesday.
I packed up a good deal of my studio. The easel is down, the paints are put in a box and taped shut (sob) and all the other craft crap I've got hanging around is out of reach.

I went to the university computer store. Yeah, so $200 later my laptop is up and running. I'm now the proud owner of Windows 7 and Kaspersky antivirus software. I backed up all my old files and photos so those are back where they belong. Life is good if not richer.

I popped over to the new place to pay the June rent.

I slinked my way to the OB/GYN for my annual lube and oil change. After my undercarriage tuneup I wondered down for the upper carriage work. Once again, I was reminded why I avoid doing this every year. I'm glad that is done for this year.

After that I wasn't willing to do any cooking. So, my idea for enchilada eggrolls that I planned to make will have to be put off until today.

I did load up my new OS which kicked that Trojan right in his skirted hinney. Then I started playing with the screen backgrounds. Holy Moly! Windows 7 has a whole bundle of screensavers. I was having a grand time figuring out how they worked. Why, yes I am distracted by bright shiny objects. What I've decided is to let about 20 of them shuffle through every minute of so. The default is 30 minutes but I must be more ADHD than I thought because 30 minutes just seemed too darn long to wait for the next sparkly to show up.

Here's one.
Pleasant huh?
For some reason my graphics look so much better.
It must have been something I ate.

Then you can go online to pick even more themes.
Themes about places I'll never go and cars I'll never be able to afford and words I can't even pronounce.
Thanks Microsoft for making me feel like more of a loser.

And then there are the cats

And even more cats.

I maybe a librarian but I refuse to go down the cat road.
I'll stick with big roll of hay,
Thank you very much.

Thanks for popping by. I'll get around a bit this week and even more next week. JR has been cracking the whip around here and to tell you the truth it's not near as much fun as I thought it would be.

Yikes, was that too much information?



  1. Possum's Grade 9 class were just issued their laptops this week, complete with windows 7 and all the fancy backgrounds. She's been very distracted playing with her new toy. Just as well half-yearly exams were last week.

    We call those big bales of hay 'elephant eggs' - especially when they wrap them in the opaque green plastic.

  2. Your computer skills sound way better than mine. I don't know how to do anything fancy with my laptop. Sometimes I can't believe I have a blog...

  3. Moving is never fun. Dealing w/computer issues is never fun. Having the old bod tune-up is never fun. And packing up one's paints is totally not fun. I would say you are holding up rather well considering all that has been going on. Glad virus solved - I like Windows 7 but I need to take my brand (well almost) new laptop back to shop again and get them to replace the keyboard whose letters are slowly disappearing. Honestly, most technological hardware is just junk these days. That's why God made warranties. Yay. When you're done unpacking and all set up pls come to my house and help me clean out all the accumulated stuff so I can sell this monster and downsize. may never happen at the rate I'm going... lol

  4. We call those big bales of straw and hay curlers. They weight around a ton or so.


  5. Man, that's a lot of cats. Who knew?

  6. You're moving... We did that in February after 17 years in the last house.

  7. You sound just like my GF after getting her new laptop with Windows 7. She played with the backgrounds, the sidebar gadgets, then iTunes...for days I might add. Glad your back up and running!