Thursday, June 3, 2010

Breakin' up is Hard to do.

We are moving on Saturday (I've decided to have a moving company move us. JR is not getting any younger, ya know).
While, I'm happy about a lot of our new place's features like:
the 3 mile commute,
the pool,
the concrete floors (think dog fur clean up),
the cheaper rent
the 3 mile commute (I did mention that already but it deserves another mention. My commute now stands at 20 miles and 45 minutes with the move it will be 3 miles and less than 10 minutes, yes dreams do come true).
After saying that there are things about this house that I am really going to miss.
Things like...............

Our backyard.
Nessa is going to miss this the most but JR and I will miss our gardening endeavors, our grill, and having drinks on the patio. We have potted up all our herbs to take with us. We have enough to totally fill our new tiny patio. Sure we could just buy more but ours are doing so well that I don't want to have to wait for new plants to grow big enough to trim and eat. And, after last winter's loss of basil I will never ever be without fresh basil again. I was a sad sad basil-less wreck of a person this past winter and truly nobody wants that again. It isn't pretty.

Our his and hers closets. His and hers closets along with dual sinks has saved our marriage (not that it was ever in doubt but the sinks totally helped). JR and I will have to share a very large walk-in closet. It's a good thing that JR doesn't have all that much stuff because I, on the other hand, have a boatload of clothes. Makes me think that I need to, as we librarians say, weed my collection of clothes. Yeah, right! Like that's going to happen.

But the number one thing that I will miss

Our wet bar.
Sad isn't it?
It's all lonely like.
*sniff, sniff*



  1. Yes I do remember that the bar was one of the first places you set up when you moved in.

    Will you have any back yard in your new place?

    I would be willing to sacrifice quite a lot for a pool/

  2. Wow! A pool. What a neat after work place to relax... or to exercise in. And cheaper rent. That's a nice gift, and not having to drive...I get to work in 7 minutes. Lovely 7 minutes and I enjoy my drive along all the back roads.

    Your Labadoddle will enjoy the pool also, I must say.



    But I'm loving the 3 minute commute to work here - I'm glad for you in that regard!

  4. I'd cry over leaving that lovely backyard, too. At least you still have a patio for container-culture in those gorgeous pots. Then again, NOT being in traffic most of your day may render you so giddy that you won't notice the backyardlessness - at first :-0

  5. I went from a 27 mile one way commute to a 9 mile commute.

    And good choice on using movers. We were so so happy we went that route. We, too, are getting older.

  6. Oh no, no wet bar??
    At least you have your herbs...
    Good luck with the move. What a relief it'll be to be done!

  7. Aww, your poor BAR! Well, that 3 mile commute is well worth the move. Traffic sucks and will make you a miserable person.