Monday, March 8, 2010

Room and Board

Took a quick trip to Denver last week.
This is the bed and breakfast that I stayed in.
Cool house, huh?

It was right on the bus line.
That was a plus because that is how we were getting around.
Denver has a pretty good bus system.
I was really impressed but I impress really easily when it comes to bus service.
Why? Because Houston is not known for its public transportation. I couldn't take the bus to work if I tried. There is no bus service from my house to my work. Sad huh?
Getting from the airport to the B&B was really easy.
And the people on the bus, drivers and passengers, were more than ready to help out an idiot out-of-towner.

My new friend Glee and I had the whole B&B to ourselves.
Two 50 year old menopausal librarians sharing the same room.
The innkeeper may never be the same again.

We couldn't figure out the significance of the dead Ficus in front of the windows.
Or why the wing chairs are guarding the entrance of the tower.

The food was okay.
They were happy to cater to my culinary oddity. This was baked chili rellenos. A little on the salty side but not bad.
The service was wonderful
The second evening we were there the innkeeper sent his granddaughter up with our nightly tea and cookies. She was a 9 year old delight.

There's Glee, standing in front of the B&B as we were leaving.
She didn't want me to get her in the picture.
Too late!
She'll learn next time to get out of the way.

Now on to Sunday night dinner. There was a sale on Portabella mushrooms at our local Kroger. They are one of our favorites for burgers. So on our way home from the grocery store we stopped at Lowes to fill up the propane tank of the grill.

I decided that Greek stuffed Portabella burgers were what we were going to have. Here is proof of the yummy gooey goodness. With spiced baked steak fries. Yummy!

This is the simplest of dinners. Scrap the gills out of the portabella. Pour a little vinaigrette into the stem pool of the mushroom. Coat with olive oil. Grills stem side up for about 5 minutes. Flip. Grill over another 3 minutes. Flip so the stem side is up again. Layer the following into the mushroom pool; thin sliced onions, chopped Kalamata olives, sliced tomatoes, feta cheese, mozzarella cheese. Shut the lid of the grill, turn the heat down and cook for another 5 minutes or until the cheese melts.

Place on a toasted bun with hummus spread on one side and mayo and lettuce on the other. Sandwich the mushroom between the two halves. Enjoy.

JR loved everything. He would argue the point but I don't think he really misses the meat. This is a very quick meal that would make a great meatless Monday meal. Leave off the bun to have a gluten free dinner.

I think that catches you up on my travels and dinner.


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  2. That certainly is an impressive house - rather odd, but still impressive.

  3. Fantastic B&B. I dig stone structures and the 'shroom burgers look fan-damn-tas-tic. Cheers Michelle!!

  4. The portabella burger sounds great. Those potatoes look really good too. Have a wonderful meatless Monday! Denise

  5. I want to go to there. I also want to eat me that burger.

    I know librarians love that kind of talk. :)

  6. My mouth is watering now.

    Oh and that B&B looks so charming. I always want to stay in places like that but then somehow I end up choosing big slick hotels. Not sure why.

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  8. Most excellent! Welcome to my hometown! Those early Denverites really loved their castles. There are still lots of these wonderful castle houses standing, tho' many more have been torn down over the years. Did you ride the #15 Colfax bus to downtown? It's legendary.

  9. Cool looking building. Not the warmest or fuzziest of B & B's I've ever seen on the outside but inside looks nice. Glad you had fun.

  10. I love the whole thing, the place, the food, everything!

  11. I just finished watching the Reruns, and it was wonderful. :D
    The gags were a whole lot of fun. Sandra Bullock absolutely made my day!


  12. I love my home state, but I'm afraid Texas isn't known for it's impressive public transportation system. Sorry about that.

    But enough of that. What a lovely B&B!

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  14. That is a beautiful house. Too bad you had to share a room, but oh well.


  15. Oh, you're brave. I've always been scared to stay in a B&B but have also always wanted to. Ha, you two girls shacking up must have created quite a lot of gossip.

    Gluten free, schmuten free. Grrr. Going to the dr to see if I need to quit gluten too. Wouldn't that be the worst thing EVER?

  16. I simply have to make the grilled portabello - it sounds delish. I not only am meatless monday I am now meatless - I gave up red meat for Lent and have decided since it is not bothering me in the least, I will give it up permanently. Happy w/that decision and I'm sure my dr will love my lower cholesterol levels. LOL

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