Monday, January 4, 2010

RTT - Whoever thought this decorating scheme was a good idea must be on some pretty good drugs.

It's Tuesday so it's random. Here's my offering for today. Click the purply button to get to other random stuff. Keely will warmly greet you. Okay, maybe not warmly since she lives in the frozen north.

I believe this is a store outside of Vicksburg. I know it is Vicksburg I just don't remember the details about this place. If I was a really good librarian I'd find all the information I could get and spew it all out to you but nothing says I'm a good librarian.

Anyway, even in my wildest decorating moments I would not do this to my place of business, house or car. Though, since it made it's way to the visitor's guide I guess the crazy motif is working for them.

Busker on Beale Street in Memphis, TN.
I just liked the look of this photo.
Thought I'd share.
Wish I'd thought to use the video mode on my camera so you could have heard it also.
I'm lame.

Our cat has taken up sleeping in our bathroom sinks.
In the bathtub and
Also, on top of the toilet lid.
Thank God I have a put the lid down policy.

Top searches. Seems fairly normal. Food, food, blog title, more food...huh? Witor's noir? 3 times. I'm just not sure how that made it to my blog. First off, witor's? If we can assume that this is a poorly spelled version of the word "writer" than how they made it to my blog is beyond me. I ain't no writer. Scribbler of silliness, maybe but writer, not so much.

Okay, that's it for me. Head on over to Keely's for plenty more random posts. Have a great day.



  1. Now that's what I'm looking for in a church. All thos Masonic symbols, and the double-headed eagle come THAT building wasn't in Dan Brown's latest???

  2. That store looks like a (crazy) fun place to visit!

    Our cat has been hanging out on our toilet seat lids recently, too - you'd think he'd prefer curling up by the warm fire instead of on the cold lid.

  3. Your cat looks like she is going to lay an egg...

  4. That place is a true eyesore! Awful!

    I love how cats go in small places like that!

  5. Our cat like the sink, tub, and toilet when it hot outside.


  6. I'm rather partial to your search term "you know you live in washington when jeff". When jeff what?? I'm dying to know!

  7. Aw, love the kitty in the sink; made me remember my childhood cat sleeping on the toilet lid. That was one funky building.
    And I bet you're a great librarian!

  8. For a second, I thought someone was trying to bring Candyland to life.... Can you tell I've been playing that game a lot?

  9. I so want me some of those top ribs in Memphis:)
    Also.. the cat is so cool! Mine used to play around toilet too.. One was putting her head down the toilet, while the other jumped on the toilet lid and trapped the other one with the head down the toilet.. they were so funny! i miss 'em but they're good with grandma!
    Anyway.. Happy Tuesday and here's my Randomness today!

  10. I know a guy in L.A. who drives a VAN that looks like that.

  11. I want that beer sign, love the kitty and haven't seen search thingies listed like that before. Where'd you get it? I never check stats or searches. I probably should.

  12. Does that sign say "Big Ass Beer To Go"? Awesome.

  13. I say you're a good librarian, so there. That store is owned by my parents, thanks a lot. Nah, just kidding, it's fugly.

    Hmm, huge ass beer to go, I could use one.

  14. I'd have a difficult time NOT turning the water on in that sink. My bad.

    What are you using to get info on the searches?